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Aeromexico Flight Deals

Aeromexico is one of the largest Mexican airlines which provide scheduled services throughout the region and the world. Aeromexico is a founding member of SkyTeam which is Mexico’s global airline.

Aeromexico is operating more scheduled passenger flights per day than any other Mexican airline with service to 43 destinations in Mexico and 49 international destinations with the most modern fleet of Boeing and Embraer jet airliners.

Aeromexico which is the largest Mexican airline was established on September 15, 1934, in Mexico City under the original name Aero-Aves de Mexico. The maiden flight departed on the route from Mexico City to the Acapulco resort. In the 60s the airline took over all regional competitors and has since February 1972 been known under the new name Aeromexico.

The largest airline in the country, Aeromexico, provides regular flights to more than 100 different destinations worldwide from its base in Mexico City and other hubs in Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Continental destinations in North and South America include New York, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Detroit and San Diego in the United States; Acapulco, Cancun, Durango, Ixtapa, Oaxaca and Zacatecas in Mexico; Buenos Aires, La Paz, Managua, and San Pedro Sula in South and Central America. And Transcontinental destinations such as Tokyo, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome, and Amsterdam.

Aeromexico Flight Deals

Why Should You Always Choose Aeromexico?

1. Aeromexico provides an AM Plus which is Economy plus Experience. AM Plus offers you faster check-in, priority boarding and deplaning, and your baggage is among the first to arrive on the carousel. It also gives the benefit that you can save time at the airport and get to your final destination and on with your trip faster.

2. Flying in style is the norm for Aeromexico because a seat in class premier and business class is the best which make your flight an enjoyable experience. It also offers priority check-in, boarding, deplaning, and baggage handling when flying Class Premier.

They also have lay-flat seats on all of their 787 Dreamliner flights and provide in-seat power adapters for ease charging all of your electronic devices. Class Premier is one of the favorite parts of taking off to any of their more than 80 destinations.

3. Aeromexico new inflight service keeps you connected and messaging during flight. Free messaging works with various applications such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp. They also offer an immense collection of free movies, TV series, and music.

4. The commitment of Aeromexico continues after you land with transportation options on the ground like a train, bus, taxi, and chauffeur service. The transportation service such as private chauffeur will be available in Madrid and Barcelona and secure taxis in Monterrey, Mexico.

5. The loyalty program of Aeromexico tailored to their corporate clients. Earn Premier Points with a Corporate Account for every flight completed by employees, in addition to the individual Premier Points earned by employees' personal accounts.

You have the option to also earn club premier corporate premier points on all their flights. Use your premier points to upgrade to a class premier or for flights operated by them. The best part of Club Premier is that it is totally free.

6. Aeromexico has multiple check-in options which make it easy for you to get on board and get on your way. Use its Web Check-in from anywhere with an internet connection and travel at ease.

It also offers the option where you can change your seat selection or choose a seat if you have not already been assigned one. If you are a Club Premier member, you may enter your Club Premier Member Number at the kiosk to earn Premier Points on your flight.

Over 80 years of innovation and exceptional service make this airline the vanguards of Latin American aviation. Aeromexico airlines get you to access to various destinations around the world whether for business or pleasure. The network of airlines facilitates easy and convenient world travel. Fly soon!!

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