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Americas Major Airline which is headquarters in Chicago’s Willis Tower, United Airlines, commonly known as The United. It operates largest domestic router and international routes, majorly covering regions of Asia Pacific.

United is one the oldest airlines in the history, starts as Varney Air Lines in the year 1926. Todays it has been on an extensive path of operation with 231 destination in total. It operates on 125 international destinations and 46 countries around 4 major continents.

With the success following the path of The United, it has a fleet of 778 aircrafts including Boeing and Airbus. Also it is currently operating 7 major hubs for its services. The largest is in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco and Washington.

United Airlines

Why Should You Always Choose United Airlines?

The United offers world class service for passenger’s right from check in counter till boarding the flight. Cabin crew has set a very high standard of hospitality for business and economy class both. But it is just not the services that it provides, but a brand name that has its standing past 93 years.

The United has reached to a point where they are just not airlines, but everyone’s first choice. They stand in with so many lucrative offers for its customers that you will be able to look aside. Here are top #5 reasons to choose United over other airlines.

1. The United offers the world’s most exclusive rewarding loyalty program known as Mileage Plus. Apart from other airlines just offering a frequent flyer program, Mileage Plus has a totally different plan.

Fly as high and as far and you can go and earn miles and you can use them anywhere you want to. Fly, stay or transport to earn and use your miles. With you miles you can earn full vacation packages, 5 star hotel stays, car rentals and cruise star packs.

2. Experience the greatness of the best. It holds themselves at the highest standards in all aspects of airways. It is considered to be the most safest and reliable airline for traveling. It has been the very first choice to travel top destinations in the world.

The United represents high commitments of excellence, passion to innovate and value to deliver the best. This is what makes them stand above all other airlines in line. They are the most kid friendly and warm airlines that drives on cultural diversity.

3. United Airlines is committed to its passengers in all aspects. It has shown high level of performance, service commitments and values to further maintain the brand. Hence,the airline promises:

  • Lowest fare possible,
  • Email and message notification of delays, cancellations and diversions,
  • Baggage policies are friendly and delivers of time,
  • Prompt refunds and cancellations,
  • Extra care for kids, seniors and anyone traveling with any level of disability,
  • Maintain diversity in fleet to provide comfort for overseas sales
  • Holds highest responsive rate for customer complaints.

This is what United stands for and this is exactly why it is the largest brand and extensively growing brand in the world.

4. United is a home of respect for Veterans. Hence, united honors America’s veterans special deals and discounts on all destinations. So if you are a veteran, or a family of one, you can avails discounts with certain conditions and travel across US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

5. Enjoy your flight with free movies on all the flights of United. Be at 35000 feet and live your favorite team, or watch a series or choose a movie to play. All of these entertaining gifts you can enjoy for no extra cost.

Not just the entertainment and music beats, Airlines offers world class dining options while you float in the sky. Whether you are traveling business or economy, you can enjoy taste from best team of chefs and choose any beverage you want. United offers a five star experience above the clouds.

United’s over growing competence in terms of fleet, services and products have expanded beyond this. It has brought people with talent up in the sky to shine. Recently, “HerArtHere” is one the best talent hunt has been organized by the airline to find competent art to put up on the walls of air craft.

This has made United to grow in all aspects and to leave a larger impression the world.


United operates to 231 destinations and 125 international destinations in 48 countries across five continents.

Current hubs

Chicago–O'Hare, Denver, Houston–Intercontinental, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, Washington–Dulles

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