Exotic European cities for 20's

20 Exotic European cities for 20’s

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Wanderlust is falling in love with adventure and become an explorer. 20’s is the right time for you to travel the world and embark on journey of diversity, cultures and lifestyles. Here is a list of 20 exotic cities around Europe that you must visit in your 20’s:

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

city in Iceland and Reykjavik
Image by Rebecca L from Pixabay

City where ocean meets the snow, and horse riding is the best way to travel around sightseeing. It is the most eco-friendly city in Iceland and Reykjavik has the breath taking serene landscape beauty year round. Summer is the best time to travel and February March is the best time to capture the famous Northern Lights.

2. Amsterdam Netherlands

City Amsterdam has great night vibes, liberal environment and a bike friendly experience. It hosts year round international solo tourism, which makes it one of the friendliest cities in Europe. April to May and September to November is the best time for summer sun in Amsterdam.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

beautiful, lively and nurturing city in Scotland
Image by Anthony Ashley from Pixabay

June to August is the busiest and fun filled time to visit this beautiful, lively and nurturing city in Scotland. Edinburg is adventurous yet safe to travel solo. It is filled with ancient castles, night clubs and lounges, tattoo artists and famous sparkling Christmas markets. Don’t miss out on International Science Festival in April, International Film Fest in August and Festival fringe of Comedians.

4. Barcelona Spain

Perfect city for solo vacationers and one of the most exotic locations in Europe. It has excellent food tours, vibrant life and sunny skies. Must visit sites are Guell Park and Batllo House and Razzmatazz for Music lovers. Must visit Picasso Museum and reach to heights of Montjuic Mountains. It has famous seafood Paella with dry martini to savor your tastes.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Visit the iconic Charles Bridge in the city of Prague and the famous Prague Castle. Enjoy at Medieval Dining Experience under the caves, enjoy a city tour on boat, have drinks at open pubs and music life lounges. Also visit the famous Lobkowicz Palace and the statue of Franz Kafka.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Live multi-cultural activities in Copenhagen like The Little Mermaid, Botanical Gardens, Zoological Museum, National Aquarium Denmark and Tivoli Gardens. Also, don’t miss out on Frederiksborg Castle a Hill road.

7. Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff is a city in Wales, with European architecture, which is compact and friendly. It hosts global sports events like Cardiff International White Water rafting events. Sail your boat in deep blue rivers of Cardiff Bay. Visit Mermaid Quay and eat an ice cream at Cadwaladers. Also, visit Wales Millennium Center and Roath Park for exciting exploration.

8. Interlaken, Switzerland

Harder Kulm with Mountains
Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

To enjoy everything at glance, move quickly from Harder Kulm with Mountains to Schynige Platte train journey to the beautiful clear blue Lake Brienz. Lake Thun has a Thun Castel on the lake and a Schadau Park. Must visit St Beatus caves in summers.

9. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the best cities to visit in your 20’s, with the most youthful crowd. It is a go green city with summer being the best time to visit. For budget travelers, try cheap and free places to visit like, Mamma Pizza, El Camino and Mela Festival in August. Else, visit the Fram Museum and Aker Brygge for shopping.

10. Salzburg, Austria

Prague has stood to its reputation of must travel European cities in the world to wander around. It is an architectural city with best of art and churches. Visit Hangar 7 and Euro Park for structures, visit the downtown and be surprised with flash mobs. Be a part of beer culture at Stiegel Brewery and a Trumer Private place.

11. Paris, France

It is one of the most travelled tourist destination in 20’s. Paris is a hub of talent, cathedrals and Notre Dame. Eiffel Tower is one of the 7 wonders and a pride of the city. Champs-Elysées is the most famous road in the entire Europe which has top standard and the most expensive brands. You can see art on road, with 3d paintings, caricatures and graffiti. Visit the world’s largest Louvre Museum.

12. Berlin, Germany

Branderburger Gate
Image by Jens Schöffel from Pixabay

Branderburger Gate is a main starting point to enter the famous Tiergarten Park in berlin. If you loves to drink, October is the best time to savor your beer buds and enjoy Ocktober Fest. To stay you should opt for international hostels, where you meet international solo travelers. It has The East Side Gallery which is the largest art gallery in the world and hands on the famous Berlin wall.

13. Tuscany Italy

April to September are busiest time to visit Tuscany in Italy. Summer also has Lucca Summer fest, Pistoia Blues and Puccini Fest and the famous Opera to beat the music and colors in the skies. They all are famous music concerts with free entry.

14. Krakow, Poland

The city can only be seen on foot, covering all main locations including main-square. It is one the tranquil cities of Europe where you sit, relax and enjoy what city has to offer. Visit Wawel Castle and then jump in the caves of Smocza Jama Dragon Cave. The city lands on orthodox Jewish community with many events happening year round.

15. Dublin, Ireland

Chill and relax at The Emerald Isle with open bars, cafes and shopping arcade to offer. This is the best city to socialize and hang out. It is an adventure city with green hills, cliff edge shores, hike and trek trails and lots of graffiti.  

16. Mykonos, Greece

Here stands the era of tiny white houses with blue pain is the most refreshing scenery for summers. Soak yourself on the cruise or dance yourself on the beat of nightclubs. Visit Port of Mykonos in Greece to see the ships and visit the area across town. Paradise beach has the best night clubs and pool parties to offer.

17. Nice, France

France lives on its terms offering the most artistic and fashionable cities in the world. Nice, is a romantic city with Albert I gardens, The Massena Square for Sculptures and fun loving event of the year Mardi Gras. This is a place to party 24*7 and relax in deep art love.

18. London, England

Visit the home of queen and the famous Buckingham Palace. London is a city to shop, visit art and museums and most importantly a historical site. Sit on the wheels on London eye and see the entire city from the top. For outdoor activities, visit Sherwood Forest and Big Ben. London Underground is the entire city’s underground version with cheap shopping marts.

19. Venice, Italy

The city lies on the boat
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The city lies on the boat and is a famous exotic destination for romance. You get to move around the entire city, covering each corner while you sit and relax on a boat. The city is known as floating city of Europe and offers best cafes and restaurants, arts and galleries, theater and churches.

20. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Visit this mind blowing city in Switzerland in winters and experience jaw dropping views of skiing on mountains, hiking in the forest and snowboarding on lakes. Summers reflects while you boat in placid lakes and picturesque towns. Switzerland is known for the best landscapes in entire world.

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