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Top Tips on Travel Etiquette for Americans Traveling to Europe

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It is an old saying “When in Rome, do as Romans do” fits appropriate when you have a wanderlust. It means to become a part of local traditions when you are traveling to that particular destination. We should become or at least we should show respect to the local customs while traveling.

Once you are on a new traveling expedition and you have planned a totally exclusive trip to visit grand cities of Europe, you have dived into new lifestyles, new cultures and new environment which is totally different from your native life. Traveling to these cities is a good thing to do and a better way to learn global ethics.

In fact it is best to be accustomed to localities, their ethics and etiquettes in order to avoid any kind of awkwardness. Hence here is the list of Top Tips on Travel Etiquette for Americans Traveling to Europe:

1. Learn Basic Foreign Phrases for Traveling to Europe

English is the most popular and basic language worldwide. It is true for famous tourism destinations but not for entire Europe. Europeans are very cultural oriented, attached to their roots and proud of their native language. In fact this could be the basic and the most important etiquette to follow before you travel to any local destination of Europe.

Traveling experience is incomplete without moving around to local shops and places. There are many places in Europe, like towns of France, Germany, Scotland, and Greece, where natives only speak their local language and do not like English.

Hence it is best advisable to either learn basic language phrases or carry a translator dictionary in hand. You can write few phrases of greetings, directions and other details in a local language of destination you are traveling to. Also, online translator tools comes handy during this time.

2. Dress Yourself According To Destination, Before Stepping Out

Dress Yourself According To Destination

Modesty is the best policy while you are on adventure to explore Europe. Europeans do not like to show off and they respect modesty in all forms. Europe is mostly about churches, cathedrals, Notre Dames, Castles and historical buildings. Most of the locations in Europe comes under UNESCO heritage and war memorial grounds. As Americans, it is essential for you to wear appropriate clothes, before you plan to visit such tourist spots.

Avoid wearing sneakers or torn jeans during your visits to memorial grounds. This is the way to show respect and Europeans are very particular about formal looks. While you are traveling to churches or any destination that symbolizes religion, Christian beliefs, orthodox values, you shall wear covered clothes in order to respect their local society.

Many parts of Europe have Muslim communities and Muslim temples known as mosques. It is the representation of their communities and Americans must follow the etiquettes that are formed by them.

3. Speak Appropriate Words While Talking

Europe is one of the vast places to visit and is very different from an ordinary American living culture. From day to day lives, Europeans respect all classes of work and especially servers in restaurants, cab drivers or ticket counter men. Hence, it is not a good option to use whistle or hand gesture to call them or be rude at any point.

Europeans are very restricted with the tone of language and types of words use. If you travel to France, you will notice that they tend to speak at a very low voice. On the other hand Americans are generally enthusiastic about speaking and tend to keep loud voices in public area. Also usage of abusive words is strictly prohibited especially in Native American language.

Also, while talking to locals, do not expect a friendly behavior and do not mind it too. Cashiers at marts are normally not well with greetings.

4. Don’t Tip Like An American

Do not Tip Like An American

Tipping is brought to this world from the roots of America. Americans are prone to tipping. But in Europe, servers are considered highly professional trained people and tipping is considered as disrespect.

Though if you visit a night club or a street pub and the servers are exceptionally do something extraordinary to make your day, you must tip few extra euros as a gesture of thanks. That to in an extremely respectful manner.

Also, tipping to hotel employees is not a necessary unless some highly warm gesture has been shown. This is basically not considered tipping, but a gift of thanks in regards to their services.

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5. Don’t Be A Complaint Head

You should not complaint about things while on your trip to Europe. Europeans are minimalist and like smaller things. In America, everything is big and spacious. Americans generally complain a lot as they are habitual of perfection.

It is totally opposite in Europe. They don’t complaint and they do not like complaints. Instead try to adjust to the environment of no shouting or fighting if there is no sugar in your coffee.

6. Don’t Rush To Finish Your Meal

Don’t Rush To Finish Your Meal

You Europeans are family oriented relaxed people. They like to spend time for picnics and explore restaurants and food items. They generally eat in a relax mode and do not prefer having a rush meal. Hence this may be unusual for Americans as the servers might not visit your table as often as in your city.

This also goes right for drinks. Summers with warm pleasant weather is very less lightly in half of Europe. So once it is sunshine, all the Europeans travel to nearby places and enjoy sip of wine while admiring the beauty of their city.

This doesn’t make them slow, but in Europe culture of finishing a meal doesn’t exist. They are chatty people who like to enjoy eating without rushing.

7. Keep Your Controversial Opinions To Yourself

Many European destination have orthodox beliefs and others have Muslim beliefs. It is because Europe is not as liberal as America. Hence the best way to enjoy your wonderful trip to European destinations, keep your voices lower to any opinions that may harm religious beliefs or communities.

Controversial opinions may surround your war memorial grounds, Christianity, dresses and actions of Muslim communities in their temples, liberal views on rights etc.

Traveling around the world always brings us together to localities spread across us. But if you are traveling without being prepared for the destination, you may offend their spirits and locals. For a much rewarding experience it is essential to understand traveling etiquettes for Americans traveling to locals cities of Europe.

Hence you must remember this essential Top Tips on Travel Etiquette for Americans Traveling to Europe

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