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Hawaii is what perfect vacation is all about. Every movie has hyped the city so much that Americans are all about planning a sunbathing in Hawaii with a Hawaiian punch. Kahului, sometimes confused for Maui is a small town in Hawaii. Sowhether you are hopping on different islands or you are taking time to explore places, Kahului in Maui is one of the best places to do so.

Top 5 reasons to visit Kahului

1. Adventure is where the town stands. There is no Hawaiian vacation without surfing. Kahului is one of the famous tourist destination for surfing. Kanaha Beach Park is best spot for surf lovers and also for relaxing and sunbathing. Not just it, paragliding and kitesurfing are other adventure sports that you can find at the beach.

2. Food lovers can eat their way to the famous and yummy food stalls. Street food and Street drinks is the most common culture you can find in Hawaii. This is due to hot temperature and humidity that every corner is filled with hydrating drinks mixed with salsa of Hawaiian alcohol. Try Hawaiian Punch, Pina Colada. If you are a foodie, try your hands on Kahului’s favorite : sweet Lima Manju, Dry Mein and Saimin.

3. Nature seekers, wild photographers and solo travelers looking for tranquil place to have a sound vacation should choose to see abundance of wildlife, nature and beautiful sceneries. The Kahaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect spot for bird enthusiasts. Get in a flow with sounds of happy birds singing, dancing and being happy. Also, try Wetlands Supports to have a view of Hawaiian ducks, coots and stilts. Kahului is plethora of wildlife and you should not end yur vacation without visiting one of the sanctuaries.

4. Tan your skin, bathe in sun, make huge sand castles and wet yourself in warm sparkling water of famous Kanaha Beach Park. Book a day to relax and rejoice the abundance of clear water. That is important to have one day to just lie on the beach and enjoy the view. Also, you must carry sunscreen and beach mats. If you plan to enter Hawaii in summer time, you must book your beach slots before 3 months time.

5. If you are a gold lover, you will fall in love with Kahului. Maui Lani golf Course is the biggest golf area in entire Hawaii. You can carry your own kit or rent a kit at the court. Maui also hosts goldf tournaments and championships annually for golfers around the country.

Best time to Visit Kahului

If you have already made your mind up to visit Kahului, Maui this season, plan you time in November till March. Though June and July sees the highest tourist season and also the accommodation is very costly, it is still recommended to visit in winters. They have the most pleasant winters, with little cold breeze, no humidity and less heat. April to October is less rainfall but high heat temperatures.

Kahului makes itself a year round destination. Winters are pleasant with lots of rainfall and summers have heat wave with less rainfall. Plan your trip accordingly as if you are traveling with family and kids, you need to book tickets before 3 months as summer vacation is generally over booked. If you are planning with friends or solo then plan during Christmas holidays. Stay is cheap and tourist spots are free of crowd.

Must Visit Tourist Place in Kahului

If you are in Kahului you would know what it is famous for. Apart from golf and beach, Kahului has bundles of strip malls, shopping centers, the big box stores and none the less, island wide magnets. They have the friendliest locals who organizes cultural concerns every Saturdays. Or you can learn wave riding on the beach.

Locals at Kahului are easy to talk and they love tourists. They like to party and swamp themselves in fun loving music and dance. They also organizes cultural events which are open to all.

1. Visit Hawaii Museum in Kahului and learn the story of Hawaii. It starts from early explorers, WWII, the golden era of Matson cruise Line and the discovery of Hawaiian culture.

2. Visit Maui Nui Botanical gardens to see native Hawaiian Plants, Audio tour, Zoo and wealth of knowledge on exotic plants.

3. Visit the art gallery, Maui Arts & Cultural center that showcases Hawaiian and Contemporary arts.

4. Plan to Molokini Sail and Snorkeling adventure. It is romantic and safe with guiders around you.

After all the adventure, relaxation and fun you have read about Kahului, it should be right time for you to plan your summer vacation in a island in Maui, Hawaii.