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A vacation in Akron

Akron has a wonderful charm of a small town. The rolling hills along with the forests, waterfalls as well as hiking trails add a scenic beauty to this city. Here is a complete guide of a perfect vacation to Akron if you are planning your next trip there.

An overview of the city

This city rises from the Western Reserve’s rolling hills. It is an important heartland city. Akron is a perfect point of meeting at the middle of various main routes of transportation. Active travellers enjoy the lush greenery over here. Downtown includes bright arts scene along with great shopping experience. Cuyahoga Valley National Park adds an essence to this city.

Weather in the city

Warm season is seen to start from May and last till September. The average high temperature daily is above 72 degree F. July 20th is the year’s hottest day and the average high temperature is 82 degree F and low is 65 degree F. In Akron cold season starts from December and continues till March. The average high temperature daily lies below 43 degree F. January 29th is the year’s coldest day. The average low temperature is 20 degree F whereas high is 34 degree F. Summers are ideally warm as well as partly cloudy here. Winters turn to be freezing, mostly cloudy and windy. Throughout the year the temperature will vary from 20 degree F-82 degree F. It is below 4 degree F and above 89 degree F rarely. It also receives rains of 39 inches on an average each year. Snowfall is of 47 inches on an average every year. Akron witnesses 164 sunny and bright days each year.

Best time to visit Akron

If you are interested in activities during warm weather then mid of June-mid September is the best time of visiting Akron. For normal outdoor activities of tourists mid of June-mid of September is the ideal time. Early July-mid of August is the best time for activities during the hot weather.

Peak season

Akron is flooded with tourists during March accompanied by the months of June as well as February. Hotel prices increase a lot. Moreover price of the flights will also be very costly during such months. So you can only get hold of a cheap flight rate if you book it in advance.

Off season

Tourists are never seen to visit this city in November. If you are interested to visit Akron during November, you will understand that it is the least costly month.

Things to do when in Akron

learn skiing in Akron

During your stay in Akron you can visit the typical sightseeing spots or you can indulge yourself in some exciting outdoor activities. You can also visit the offbeat places and stay away from the crowd. Mentioned below are some of things that you must do when you are in Akron.

Take part in ice skating: Downtown Akron at a place named Lock 3 will give you a thrilling ice skating experience. It will cost you $4 along with one rental and $2 if your carry your personal skates. It starts usually at 11 am every day. If you wish to book any private party and attend several special events that are organised here, then check the schedule of this park.

Hike and learn skiing: Enjoy yourself in some snow at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It also has many programs for the kids during the months of winter. You can hike on your own or enjoy a skiing of guided snowshoe through the beautiful forest.

Attend the Ice festival: Medina Square Ice Festival is held in the month of February. Everyone will enjoy the view of the wonderful ice craving sculptures. People are seen to take part in the competition along with multiple live demonstrations. It is a free event and it is organised in middle of the public square of Medina. You can also enjoy some refreshments from the restaurants and visit the unique shops on this square.

Enjoy a ride on the rails: Snow covered hills of Cuyahoga Valley adds an eye-catching view to Akron. Taking ride on Cuyahoga Valley Railroad on the months of winter is a must if you want to be close to the nature. You will not only enjoy the beauty of this wonderland but also feel comfortable in the warm train. It usually leaves from Rockside Station located in Valley View.

So if a trip to Akron is on your bucket list, then plan the trip accordingly. You can visit the city during the peak season or you can choose cheap flight round trips and visit it during the less crowded season for a reasonable and comfortable stay in Akron.

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