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A few days in Albany, the capital of New York

Are you visiting Albany for business? It does not matter whether you are in this capital city for work or leisure as you will completely enjoy your stay. Just make sure that you get hold of cheap flight round trips, affordable hotels and reasonable transportation. So get an idea of all the necessary information for planning your trip to Albany.

An overview of the city

Situated at Northeast’s busiest highways and by the side of the Hudson River, this city consists of great geographic places with individual distinct characters. The commercial districts along with the neighborhoods have built up Albany to be a wonderful urban center that is not only famous for residential and commercial activity but also institutional. The largest employers of this region reside in the midtown area. It is well balanced with the growth of institutes as well as great quality of local life. It helps to maintain a proper, stable and walkable community. Downtown is the urban center of this region. It is better known as the Tech Valley’s heart and the main door to Albany. It is also this city’s latest neighborhood that is growing fast.

Weather in the Albany

Summers are warmer and wetter in Albany. A freezing weather prevails during the winters. All the year round the weather is partly cloudy in this capital city. Typically the temperature will vary from 17 degree F-83 degree F. It is below 0 degree F rarely or may be above 91 degree F. Warm seasons usually last for few months from May-September. This time the average high temperature daily is above 73 degree F. July 20th is known to be the year’s hottest day. The average high temperature is 83 degree F whereas low is 64 degree F. Albany has cold season from December-March. The average high temperature daily is below 42 degree F. January 29th is the year’s coldest day. 17 degree F is the average low temperature and 32 degree F is the high one.

Best time to visit Albany

This city is one such destination of four seasons. So the best time of visiting Albany will depend on what you wish to do. For any warm weather activity the best time is mid of June-mid of September.

Peak season

Weather during summer is perfect for travelling. The actual issues are everyone thinks so and thus campgrounds as well as parklands are occupied with vacationers mostly during weekends. Sightseers are seen everywhere in the city in long queues, most of the popular events are sold out and prices are on the higher side. Make sure to book hotel rooms from some month beforehand. Always avoid the week during Christmas and any public holiday week if you are looking for a budget vacation to Albany as rates of accommodation increase hugely during such weeks. You will also be unable to book cheap flight to Albany. Other than this fall that starts from September and lasts till November is also a popular time of visiting this city.

Off season

It has been found that winter is not a great time for tourism in this city. But it is high season if you are a skiing lover.

Things to do when in Albany

 Albany outdoor activities

This city is known to be an excellent weekend getaway. Many outdoor enthusiasts visit Albany to ski, hike and fish. The city is surrounded by mountains and the views on any autumn day are mesmerizing. Listed below are some of the place and things that you must do during your trip to Albany.

Visit USS Slater: Move back to the past and return to the 1945’s USS slater. Have a look at the ways the sailors worked there, listen to the sounds of one living ship. You will also get to walk those decks where many sailors have actually worked before.

Take a Dutch Apple Cruise: The perfect way you can go for sightseeing in Albany is by taking a Dutch Apple Cruise on the breathtaking as well as famous Hudson River. The vessels will offer you sunshine along with breezes as well as protection of the completely enclosed and also heated decks. Free parking is present in all tours. You will enjoy the comfortable seats, light refreshment and clean restroom. While cruising always carry binoculars for sighting eagle.

Trip to the Schuyler Mansion: It is an extraordinary instance of the architecture of the pre-war. During the season time, get an experience of a well guided tour of Albany from the knowledgeable staffs who will let you know about the history of home and the family of Schuyler who resided there. Hourly tours can be availed. You need to book in advance as any previously scheduled groups along with events will be changing the schedule of the tour.

Enjoy exciting outdoor activities: If you are ready to hit slopes, then go to the various ski resorts near the city. You can ski and snowboard downhill and enjoy great ski trails. Enjoy an entire day of skiing or a weekend in Albany. Irrespective of if you are beginners or expert, if you visit Albany then you are just few drives away from mountain where you can enjoy thrilling activities at the slopes. Most of the ski resorts include restaurants, bars and live entertainments.

So if you have decided to visit Albany for a vacation, then pick the best season, select a cheap flight rate very soon and make a list of the things to do in the city. If follow the above mentioned guide you will definitely have a great trip and enjoy your vacation a lot.

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