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Albuquerque is the city in New Mexico’s largest city, and is the place where once Native Americans thrived around 1706 and is now a city which has grown to be a multicultural metropolis of million people. It has grown into a city of modern high tech industry and research and does retain vital connections to the past and is a witness of ancient rock craving like historic old town plaza and the trail of vintage neon signs route 66.

It has people from various cultures like Native Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and African Americans etc. This ten block neighborhood is basically a tribute to both the Spanish as well as native American heritage.

The weather in Albuquerque

The weather in Albuquerque is greatly hot with sunshine lurking around for almost 310 days and is combined with a low humidity levels which means that if you are visiting this place you need to always stay hydrated. The average rainfall experienced here is about 9 inches and the average humidity is around 44 percent.

So before planning your trip make sure you are aware of the current weather conditions of this place and then make plans accordingly.

The best time to fly to Albuquerque

The best time to visit this place would be around the winter season as the climate would be cooler compared to the all year around hot weather and the places can be visited in peace with better weather around.

Mostly during the holiday season you can visit this place and have glimpse of the art and culture and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Peak season/Off season to fly to Albuquerque

The peak season to fly to this city is mostly the spring season as well as the winter season when the weather is cooler and the flights should be booked in advance in order to avoid extra heavy charges.

The hotter season will be particularly off for people because of the weather.

Things to do when in Albuquerque

balloon fiesta in Albuquerque

1. Attend the balloon fiesta

Every year in this city during the beginning of October, the international balloon fiesta is hosted where hundreds of picturesque balloons fill the sky and paint a pretty picture for the onlookers. If you are interested then you can take a ride for yourself too. Also if you want to personally enjoy the art of ballooning then you can visit the Anderson–abruzzo international balloon festival.

The museum has collections on hot air balloons and you can get hands on experience here. It is a must visit place if you like sports like that.

2. Walk around the Bosque trail

When in this city you can certainly take a walk around the Bosque trail which is a sight to see where you can visit the trail which extends from the north to the south area. This sixteen miles long trail extends through the cottonwood forest past tingly beach and the nature center.

It is an awesome trail for an uninterrupted bike ride which can be enjoyed thoroughly by friends and family. There is a Bosque center too which provides all the amentias that you need like apartment with enclosed courtyard, conference rooms, dining rooms etc for people to live and dine comfortably. So when in this city make sure that you visit this trail for sure.

3. A visit to the biopark zoo

The biopark zoo inhabits more than 250 species and is spread around 64 acres of land where you can attend story time in the Africa amphi theater and also the show or ride the train to have a nature safari kind of thing which will help you and your family refresh your memories of visiting a zoo.

If you are travelling with kids it will be tremendous learning opportunity for them to know about so many species in a foreign city and will leave you enthralled. It should be on your bucket list when visiting this city for sure or you will have missed on a great opportunity.

It is a pretty great place to visit in the holidays as it has historical advantage as well as cultural diversity to its disposal and if you are into visiting such places, go ahead and plan your trip to this beautiful city!

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