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Amarillo City- Time to fall in love with Amarillo

Amarillo is a city in Texas Panhandle. It is unique and History-rich area. The city is more about Old Western culture. It offers astonishing scenic beauty. The city covers southern plains to rich desserts. It is a vibrant place offering a new hand experience of beautiful flora and fauna.

Amarillo city is one of the most contemporary form of experiences. In addition to art and culture, there are numerous exciting attractions one can visit with family and friends. Even if you are a sole traveler, City offers you great form of adventure and tranquility.

Now the most happening thing about this city is that it is located on the Route 66, which the iconic road in America’s history. Not just the historic views, city has the best craft beer breweries and exciting adventure activities.

City is famous for its amazing Canyons, Theatre and great music. It also offers great food fests to let its tourists enjoy each and every part of it.

Things to do in Amarillo

Amarillo city offers you variety of options to explore Old American culture and sideways to enjoy the luxuries of it. Now when you are planning to visit the city, let me tell you to put things in your bucket list.

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Palo Duro Canyon State Park is rated as one of the most beautiful attractions in the entire United States of America. It is a place to hike, ride and enjoy musical performance. There are mountain biking trails, natural inhabitants, native wildflowers and horned blanket of lizards.

Palo Duro has an amphitheater where Texas music, art cultural performances takes place. Not only this, but the area offers adventure sports and activities. For off road riding, zip lining etc.

Cadillac Ranch is a twisted tribute to automated age. It is one the most interesting art installations and easy to reach. The entire area is so mystique that it presents multicolored and graffiti carved art that entertains thousands of visitors every week.

A must visit to Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West is a western adventure tour company that provides services celebrating heritage of real Texas. It offers rides on horses and introduction to the west culture with help of music and adventure.

Cowgirls and Cowboys in Amarillo

Wonderland Amusement Park is a best place if you have kids. If you plan to go in summers, it will save you from the heat and kids can have some fun. Wonderland Park has rides for all ages which is why it is a must for family trips. If you plan to visit in winters, the side of Water Park is kept close.

Botanical Gardens in Amarillo city showcases musical side. It is located on Strait Drive in west. They are the feast to eyes and nose. It is a 4 acre land of admiration of local flora. It organizes many educational tours. In evening it plays jazz music, folk performances and live bands with color lights organization roots of high spirit in every tourists.

Silver Mesa Ranch, Tri-state Fair and Rodeo and Center City Mayhem are some other good tourist spots.

Amarillo zoo has over 60 different species in a well-kept habitat. It organized sightseeing tours throughout the zoo. The zoo organized tours to specifically concentrate on flora and fauna of the area and give tourists exposed to different types of availability. Its main attraction is of African lions.

Shopping street for antiques and collectible, head to Route 66. For designer labels, The Westgate mall is a good idea. For authentic cowboy boots try local markets.

Amarillo Symphony is the best place to book your tickets for if you are a music lover. The symphony performances are limited but it is a must watch as 85 professional artists get together on one platform to make one performance that spirits your passion for music.

So be ready to pack your bags for the long sunny week trip and book your cheap flight tickets at The city will give its cowboy charm to you whenever you make a visit.

Things you must carry to Amarillo city

Planning a trip to Amarillo city? Do not forget to carry these things if you are planning to fly soon.

  • A camera to capture admirable art
  • Lots of sun screen as the hottest time of the year is July
  • Carry sport shoes for hiking and horse riding
  • Light weight clothes in summers and heavy clothes for winters. As the area is in deserts, the windy season makes it messy.
  • Carry pair of sunglasses to save your eyes for the direct sun light.
  • Umbrella or a raincoat.
  • Gloves, socks, and warm clothes if you plan in winters

Best time to visit Amarillo

Amarillo is the city of beauty and deserts. Summers in Amarillo are hot and long and winters are dry and cold. The best time to visit Amarillo is from May to September. These are the months where the weather is warm and you can enjoy good activities.

If you do not want to be sun kissed, plan your trip in October. The days are hotter but temperature is pleasant for city tours.

If you plan to travel in January, you must carry winter clothing as the winds are harsh. It is a good time if you like sunny times. If you plan in winters, you get a chance to explore ski and snowboarding.

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