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Cheap Flight to Anchorage

Looking for some adventure or recreational activities? Look nowhere else, Anchorage, a city in Alaska. It is most known for high level of tourist coming in every year to explore what city has to offer.

City is known as City of Northern Lights. You must have seen northern dazzling lights on discovery channel. Well pack your bags and see them yourself in real. City offers the same from September through April.

Towering mountains, glazing sparkling glaciers and high spirited wildlife. What more a tourist could want. It is time to slick another city from your bucket list.

Things to do in Anchorage

Anchorage has exceptional natural wonders of Chugach Mountains, breathtaking wilderness. It has the largest ski center in Alaska

Chugach Mountains in anchorage

Let’s start with your adventure to city of anchorage in Alaska. The first thing that every tourist capture is:

  • Find moose is a funny activity that tourists observes in the city. There are more than thousands of iconic moose stranded on the land of Anchorage. Alaska wildlife conservation center is an area where you can find many of these native animals.
  • See world’s iconic glaciers in anchorage. The city speaks the language of scenery by offering its tourist view of real glaciers. City is known to be studded with gems. If you want to visit all the glaciers, you need to book a day cruise in advance.
  • Ride the rails is what gave Anchorage its start. The first linked broad stretches of Alaska together. You can book a glacier discovery train and other train tours well in advance.
  • Anchorage Museum is the largest museum in the state. It shares the story of Alaska through images and videos engraved on the walls. It is not an ordinary museum but a must visit tourist attraction.
  • Go flightseeing is the best ways to explore those corners where there is no transportation. It take you high on mountains, drill over glaciers and spot the wildlife.
  • Chugach range parkland is the closest wilderness area that offers rafting, hiking, mountain climbing or stroll in a forest.
  • See whales take a trip down to Turnagain Arm to spot the magnificent whales running in deep waters of Alaska. These white whales get as big as a car. Even other spots like Seward offers whale watching.
  • Northern Lights starting from September till April, city offers dazzling northern lights to experience.Lights can be observed at various tourists points. Eklutna Tailrace, Girdwood and Knik River
  • Taste Alaska the local food includes, kind crabs and world’s famous salmon. But that not all, as anchorage city has to offer reindeer sausage as a famous tourist dish. The city has maximum number of microbreweries.
  • National parks get to see the real wildlife and explore different species of animals. You can visit famous parks at Kenai Fjords or Lake Clark or Katmai for bear viewing. Also you can meet polar bears at Alaska zoo in Anchorage city.

So if you are ready to pack your bags for the long week trip, book your cheap flight tickets at Be it with family, friends or a sole trip to explore the world, Anchorage city in Alaska has tons to offer

Things you must carry to Anchorage city

Planning to fly Anchorage city? Do not forget to carry these things if you are planning:

  • A camera to capture admirable scenic beauty, wildlife animals, serenic waters in glacier.
  • Bottle of sun screen as the hottest time of the year is July.
  • Carry shoes for hiking and biking
  • Carry pair of sunglasses
  • Gloves, socks, and warm clothes. If you plan in summer, carry full jacket as it gets cold at nights.
  • Umbrella or a raincoat
  • Waterproof pants and jacket for glacier tours
  • Uniform for kayaking
  • Sun hat for day tours

Best time to visit Anchorage

The best time to visit anchorage depends on what would you like to see as a tourist. The city has so much to offers that you can plan to travel anytime of the year.

In anchorage, Alaska grey whales are the first sign of spring season. If you wish to experience whale watching on day cruises, they depart by April 1 you also get to experience hiking and flightseeing. Spring is observed from starting April till mid-May

Summer in anchorage arrives in end of May and lasts till August. It is time for kayaking, biking, day tours. You can choose from rides on glaciers to sightseeing beautiful mountains as the summers are very long. Even at night, it doesn’t get dark.

Fall is the end of summer which brings you great deals on accommodation and airfare. You can also get a chance to have one or two possible options of day cruising. The time starts in September and lasts till end of October till you feel the frost bites.

Winter experiences plenty of snow on streets and surroundings. City is known as winter playground as it offers ample activities to keep you busy. Winters are long in anchorage from November to March.

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