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Cheap Flight to Appleton

Appleton city is a small town in Wisconsin. It is in the heart of Fox River Valley. The city of Appleton is considered to be calm place with moderate temperature in summers.

Appleton was recently rated as the kid- friendliest city in entire United States of America. Also, the country was listed among the most favorite summer tourist place.

Top Tourist Places in Appleton

Gather your friends and family, pack your belongings and fly to Appleton city. Kids love visiting Appleton city. It offers many attraction places for Kids:

Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin is the largest butterfly park in the state. It is open in summers for all the tourists. More than butterflies, it also has Deer, Mink, turkeys, Birds and native plants. It also shows different cycles of growth of butterfly, from being anegg to a caterpillar and so on.

It has a honey bee hive attraction that also allows tourists to buy natural honey made right in front of their eyes.

The Paper Discovery Center offers tourists to understand papermaking and its community role. It is a workshop center where you can enroll your kids for a fun day activities.

The center is also a popular host of many events. Some of the featured events that you can enjoy are: The Vienna Boys Choir, The Irish Comedy and The Live-Action Graphic Novel.

The Building for Kids is the most visited tourist place in Appleton City of Wisconsin. The building showcases art work of children, Interactive models for kids of all ages.

Some of the main attractions in the building is a heart slide, where huge heart is built with veins and arteries as slides to explain the heart organ in creative way.Credit Union‘s Littlest Branch that lets your kid understand about credit and debit works.

Downtown Appleton Farmer’s Market serves tourists and locals with different variety of food, handcrafted goods, live entertainment, magic shows, street performances, and local beverages.

Downtown Appleton Farmers Market

Fox Trot Trail, Appleton is a scenic beauty area designed to represent its symbol of fox. Tourists begin their adventure by following Fox symbols. The trail offers serene sceneries in background.

It is spread across 2 miles and will take you too many historic tourist sites like Houdini Plaza, Zuelke Building etc.

Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve is an adventure sport place where hiking, biking and cycling are summer activities, skiing and snowboarding in winters.

Must visit- Hearthstone Historic House Museum, Little Lake Butte des Morts.

Things you should carry before flying to Appleton

When you pack your bags, do not forget to carry these things

  • Carry sun protection products for summers. Like, sunscreen, sunglasses, and summer hats.
  • Carry comfortable footwear as the city is small and the maximum ways for transportation is either local or walking.
  • Carry sweaters, mufflers, gloves and boots in winters. Carry a heavy jacket and a light muffler for spring season in March.
  • A camera to click memories

The best time to plan your trip to Appleton City

The best time to visit this beautiful city is from end of May till September end. So before you plan your travel, we will guide you weather of the city month wise.

  • Spring Season starts in March and lasts till mid-May. Springs are cooler in Appleton city as compare to other state parts. The temperature can go as low as -1 degree Celsius. Spring time is second busiest season for tourism.
  • Summer season starts in June and lasts till August. This is the highly recommended time for tourism. Being the busiest, it is suggested to book tickets in advance to get cheaper flight rates and good discounts on hotel deals.
  • Fall season starts in September till November. The temperature is not very low in these months but winds are chilly. Hotels are affordable as not many tourists visit the city at this time. Still day time is up till 24 degree Celsius and the sun is not too harsh.
  • Winter season starts in December till February. Winters in Appleton are freezing. Therefore not many tourists are located. The temperature can be as low as -5 degrees. assists you to search the best deals you can find while booking for your trip. Look nowhere else and book cheap flight tickets with us.

How long is the flight to Appleton City?

City is located in Wisconsin and is known as a Fox city. Though it is far from main big places in United States of America, but it is a perfect place to plan when you are travelling with family and kids.

If you are coming from Minneapolis it will hardly take 1 hour 10 minutes.

New York to Appleton take 5 hours 2 min

Tampa takes 5hours 7 minutes to fly to the city

Las Vegas flight will take 7 hours 15 minutes to reach Appleton City

Pack your bags and fly soon!

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