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Cheap Flight to Augusta

Augusta also known as Augusta Richmond County is located on the eastern border of the us state border of Georgia and the city also lies across the Savannah River from the South Carolina and heads towards the navigable portion. Augusta is the second largest city after Atlanta and is basically located in the piedmont section of the state.

It is the 122nd largest city in the US and was established in the year 1736 and was named for Princess Augusta of saxe-gotha, the bride of Fredrick and the Prince of Wales. It lies almost two hours downtown from Atlanta by car and is also a home to vast US army camp.

Weather in Augusta

The weather in Augusta is basically of the humid subtropical type with short mild winters and very hot summers and does presents diurnal temperature variation. The monthly temperature ranges from 45.4 to 81.6 in July and snow fall in Augusta is not very common and the freezing rain is also a threat in the winter time.

Best time to fly to Augusta

You can fly to Augusta in the months of spring season as it would be the most mild time to visit this place as the place has very harsh hot climates and make sure that you book your flights at least 1-2 months prior to the vacation in order to avoid any kind of extra charges.

There are many cheap flights available to Augusta and one must find the right flight to travel to this place specially if planning a vacation with family and friends. Otherwise you can plan your vacation anytime in the year but make sure that you keep in check the climatic conditions of the place before you think of visiting this place with family.

Things to do when in Augusta

Riverwalk in Augusta

1. Riverwalk

It is an awesome idea to take stroll around the Savannah River and tourists mostly visit it during the day time to have a picnic or just to have walk around the river. This river walk stretches around from the 6th to the 10th streets in downtown Augusta and has two levels which can be accessible from both the sides.

The river walk also includes a number o popular venues such as the 8th street bulkhead and is also popular for hosting the Saturday market on the river and also a jazz seris.The Japanese garden make up a charming little park on the river walk lower level and makes a great destination for wedding photos.

2. Augusta canal

Augusta canal is one of the most popular canals in America and is continuously flowing since 1845 and is a major source of water, power and transportation for the whole city and is responsible for the industrial boom for the city.

In the 1890’s the city installed the new impressive water pumping station and at mid canal to replace the original one and the pump still supplies water to the city. It has been declared the national heritage by the people and is one of the most enormous structures in Augusta and should be visited to witness the history of the city.

3. Morris museum of art

The Morris museum of Augusta I located on the Augusta is located on Augusta’s iconic river walk and is the first museum of its kind which is dedicated to the artists and the art to the American south which was founded by William S. Morris III and was opened to the public in the year 1992.

It portrays special exhibits a large collection in number of galleries and also hosts up to ten temporary special exhibits every year. The center for the study of southern art a research library and reference center is also an important part of the museum. It is a great place to witness art and culture of this city so you must visit this place with your friends and family.

It is indeed a beautiful city which has a good blend of culture and modern industry so if you are around Georgia and wish to visit this place don’t think twice just pack your bags and visit this place with your family and loved ones to have the experience !

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