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Austin city is basically the capital of the Texas in US and is the 11th most populas city in the United States and is the 4th most populous city in Texas. It is one of the fastest growing cities in US and was settled along the Colorado River. The city grew heavily in the 19th century and has emerged as a city growing for technology and business.

The residents of Austin are known as austinites and include a diverse range of people from government employees, musicians, high tech workers etc. It is the southernmost capital of the United States. After the 20th century Austin became established as on e of Texas’s major metropolitan centers and has a diverse population of Hispanic, black and whites too.

Weather in Austin

Since Austin is located within the middle of unique narrow transitional zone between dry deserts of the American southwest the climate here is humid subtropical type with very long and hot summers and short mild winters and also has pleasantly warm springs in between.

Summers are very hot here and specially the months from July to august are very high so if you are planning to fly here in summers then you should think twice .Also if you are planning to visit this place then make sure you book the tickets beforehand so get the best deals and also get access to cheap flights for yourself and your family.

Best time to visit Austin

The best time to fly to Austin can either be during the winter as the weather is slightly cool during that time and also during the month of springs which can help you enjoy the place with the best mood and you will also avoid the harsh hot summers.

So the months from October to December are a good time to visit Austin and also the months around March are good for a visit.

Things to do when in Austin

A ride of Austin tubing trips

1. Visit the world famous congress bridge bats

The congress bridge bats is Austin’s famous attraction and here you can see 1.5 million bats cover the sky I the night time from their departure from congress bridge to get rid of the mosquitoes. There are many other way to look for bats specially the most spectacular ways to watch them is during the hot and dry august nights when the bats leave to forge for food.

If you are in the boat looking for boat then it is an altogether a different experience where you get the whole view in a very spectacular way.

2. Take a ride of Haunted hearse limo tour

Another favorite thing that this place offers is the haunted ATX team where they pack up 7 guests in hearse that is actually converted in a limo and will take you to the most haunted locations of Austin and also all the haunted stories are told to the people in the way. The tour is a crazy ride with stories from Austin’s history and also gives you a check about some of the history of Austin.

3. Get a ride of Austin tubing trips

Before the tourism became prevalent in Austin floating the Guadalupe and san Marcos river used to be a away for locals and the tourists to relax where you can join the crew and you can enjoy the ride into the river and backlit is super easy to experience and gives you a great way to make you family and friends have a great time.

There are many options that are available to the people for the purpose of tubing and you can choose the deal that serves you the beast for you and your family is it a private trip or a family trip for the people

There are many other places in Austin where you can visit during your holidays and for this purpose makes sure that you plan the trip before and have a good idea of the hotels and resorts too and try to get the best deals for yourself and your family and save some money along the way.

Austin is a fast growing city and is beautiful and has a lot to offer to its people and tourists so take a trip to this place!

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