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Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and is a prominent city in Spain and the second most populas as well in the country of Spain. It has a population of almost 1.6 million and is by far the largest metropolises near the metropolitan sea. It is bounded by the ‘Serra de Collserola’ mountain range and is located on the mouths of the ‘Llobregat’ and ‘Besos ‘rivers.

It was basically founded as a roman city and was known as the ‘county of Barcelona’ and has a rich cultural heritage and is also a major tourist destination and is considered as one of the major cultural and economic centre in the world. It has been attracting tourists from years and has huge influence on the culture and trade of the world.

Weather in Barcelona

Barcelona has a typical maritime Mediterranean climate with winters that are mild and summers that can be warm as well as hot. The rainfall experienced here is more of summer and spring rains and less of the winter rains with average temperatures during the day being 21.2 degrees and 15 degrees at night.

The coldest months in Barcelona are December, January and February and the summers range from May to October. The holiday season is considered to be during the summer months and the flights and hotel bookings are high during this time which is why if you are thinking of visiting this place at that time then make sure you book your tickets early. There are many cheap flights available but you have to make sure you book at the right time.

Best time to visit Barcelona

As mentioned the holiday season here is during the time of May to October when all the events, fairs, carnivals etc. happen which is why it can be suggested that it is the best time to visit the city of Barcelona. Other times can also be during the winter but it is quite cold during that time which is why the summers is preferred more than the winters.

Things to do when in Barcelona

There are several things that you can do when in Barcelona like sightseeing, watch plays etc. which is why here we have a list which will help you get the list of places where you can visit when is Barcelona:-

1. Visit the district of sant Andreu

The district of sant Andreu is one of the examples of the Spanish cultures of Barcelona where you can easily have the essence of barcelonian sports. Century old shops and futuristic amenities and get the feeling of being a typical barcelonian.

It is a must visit place if you are looking to have a taste of the authencity of Barcelona and have your taste buds as well as spirits filled with barcelonian culture.

2. Have an experience of PASSEIG DE SANT JOAN

PASSEIG DE SANT JOAN is responsible for linking the two important neighborhoods which are cool in their own ways and is a must visit place for the locals of Barcelona and is also becoming a hit for all the other tourists and you can find a lot of pedestrians and cyclists.

It also has a lot of interesting restaurants and bars which is why it is a place where people love to hang out and you can come here and have a great time with your family and friends so put it in your list of must visit places.

3. The Ribera is a must visit

When in Barcelona it is important that you visit The Ribera and the streets of the Ribera are simply like a time capsule of the city’s culture and history and will also give you an experience of a mediteraanean. It is indeed an interesting spot to enjoy the sea and the related activities which is why make sure you have full proof plan to visit this place.

It is a great place to enjoy with family and friends and has a lot to offer.

Barcelona is an ancient city with a blend of culture and beauty which is why it is important that you have all the plans in place to visit this Spanish place and have taste of wonder!

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