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Cheap Flight to Baton Rouge

The capital city of Louisiana, US, is known as Baton Rouge. It is a port that is located at top of the deep water navigation on Mississippi river. It includes wonderful museums, great attractions and popular restaurants. Visit a museum, watch a planetarium show if you want. Get a cheap flight ticket, book a hotel and start your trip to Baton Rouge.

Weather in Baton Rouge

Summers are long, hot as well as oppressive whereas winters are short and cold. The weather is usually wet as well as partly cloudy throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 43 degree F-91 degree F. It is rarely under 29 degree F or may be above 95 degree F. The hot season starts from May and lasts till September. The average high temperature daily is more than 85 degree F. August 10th is the hottest day in the year. The average high temperature is 91 degree F and low is 74 degree F. The cold season will begin from December and continue till February. The average high temperature daily is below 67 degree F. January 23rd is the coldest day in the year. The average low temperature is 43 degree F and high one is 62 degree F.

Peak season: June is considered to be the peak season in this city accompanied by the months of July and March. Flights and hotel prices will be higher during such months. If book in advance you can save a lot by getting a cheap flight rate. Early summers are popular time for visiting this city. Try to avoid the Thanksgiving Week as accommodations are high at this time.

Off season: During the month of November tourists will unlikely visit this city. But if you wish to avoid the crowd then visit during this month. You should travel to Baton Rouge during May. The temperature is warm but the rentals during the vacation are much cheaper. You can expect to pay almost $65 for two heads each night during this time. This is almost $10 less than that of the average rate in the month of June.

Things to do when you are in Baton Rouge

So finally if you have decided which month to visit Baton Rouge and have availed one cheap flight to the city, reserve a hotel and look out for the top things to do in Baton Rouge. Mentioned below are some of the things that you must do when you are in Baton Rouge.

  • Step to state Capitol building: You can get to the top of this high building when visiting Baton Rouge. It has the ideal location. This mighty construction towers over Baton Rouge and includes one observation deck on 27th floor that offers great city views.
  • Enter Capitol Park Museum: When you visit Capitol Park you should enter the Museum too. After visiting the top of the State Capitol Building get an idea of the history. You will be able to learn about Louisiana’s history starting from the native Americans, early settlers to Louis Armstrong and others.
  • Visit Old Governor’s Mansion: It looks impressive from outside. It is just some minutes’ walk from Old State Capitol building. It was once the Governor of Louisiana’s house and now is a property that is open to the tourists as a historic place with normal tours. You can visit the website and step in for such tours along with complete information on time and admission costs.
  • Spend time in LSU rural life museum: You must visit this place as it is different than the usual attractions in this city. It is a large museum that has been dedicated to the 18th as well as 29th century culture of rural Louisianans. It consists of a wide artifacts collection from that period. It includes 30 buildings where you can wander in and out as well as explore. Understand the life of those people who lived off land in this part. It is a peaceful as well as informative place to get some learning about Louisiana’s rural history. You will find it to be more interesting if you have some interest in land as well as rural life.

Fly to Baton Rouge by booking a cheap flight ticket. Enjoy your stay in an affordable hotel and move around the city by visiting great places and living on tasty foods.

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