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Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China, the most crowded nation on the planet. With a populace of 21,500,000 individuals, it is the country's second-biggest city after Shanghai. It was additionally the seat of the Ming and Qing line rulers until the foundation of the Republic of China in 1911. Beijing is the political, instructive and social focal point of the nation and in that capacity it is wealthy in verifiable locales and vital government and social establishments.

Beijing truly implies Northern Capital, a job it has played ordinarily in China's long history. Beijing's history goes back a few thousand years yet it initially wound up striking in Chinese history after it was made the capital of the State of Yan under the name Yanjing. Yan was one of the real kingdoms of the Warring States Period, about 2,000 years back. After the fall of Yan, amid the later Han and Tang traditions, the Beijing-territory was a noteworthy prefecture of northern China.


The focal point of the city and most vital milestone is Tiananmen Square in Dongcheng District. This is the world's biggest open square and an absolute necessity see for all guests from abroad and from somewhere else in China. The square is encompassed by amazing structures including the Great Hall of the People, the Museum of Chinese History, the Museum of the Chinese Revolution, the Qianmen Gate and the Forbidden City. It is likewise home to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the Monument to the People's Martyrs and was additionally the site of the notorious slaughter of understudy activists by the Peoples Liberation Army in 1989.

Palaces, temples and parks

The city's many green desert gardens are a brilliant break from strolling along the endless lanes and tight hutongs. Local people also run to Beijing's royal residences, sanctuaries and parks at whatever point they have time. The green territories are utilized for unwinding as well as for games, moving, singing and general amusement.

1. Forbidden City

2. Temple of Heaven

3. Yonghegong (Lama Temple)

4. Zhongshan Park

5. Beihai Park

6. Chaoyang Park

7. Ritan Park

8. Fragrant Hills

9. Botanical Garden

Museums and galleries

Beijing has in excess of 100 historical centers however most are not visited by outside sightseers. The city contains one of the biggest and most understood historical centers the world, the Palace Museum, otherwise called the Forbidden City, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. A few exhibition halls may have free confirmation consistently or on certain occasions. Furthermore, section tickets must be held three days ahead of time.

(i) National Museum (ii) Military Museum (iii) Capital Museum (vi) Aviation Museum


Temple Fair Temple fair is a good choice to enjoy Spring Festival of Beijing.

The Grand View Garden Fair The Grand View Garden Fair is held every year during the Spring Festival.

Music Festival Annual May Day, National Day, there’s a variety of music festivals held in Haidian Park, Chaoyang Park, Tongzhou Canal Park or large parks in the suburban, such as the well known school-sponsored Midi-Music Festival

Beijing Chrysanthemum Exhibition Held every year in major parks of Beijing.

Fragrant Hills Red Leaves Festival There is Cotinuscoggygria and maples in the west part of Fragrant Hills Park

Yanqing Ice and Snow Tourism Festival Important winter tourism festival in North China

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