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Cheap Flight to Birmingham

The biggest city in US is situated near the Gulf Stream. Birmingham is one such place that is bringing out new attractions constantly. Thus all these are making it a worthy vacation destination. The fast evolving and modern Birmingham will be surprising you with innovative, extraordinary latest architecture as well as new attractions. A contemporary touch is infused in the industrial character of the city. You will also enjoy this city’s various street food and delicious curries as well as the Michelin starred nourishment. So if you are in search of a place to spend some quality time together with your loved ones or go for a solo trip then a vacation in Birmingham will be perfect for having a taste of new things.

Weather in Birmingham

The city witnesses humid subtropical climate. The weather of the city is quite unpredictable. It can be sunny during one half of the day and then raining during the other half of the same day. Summer can be extremely hot as well as humid. But winters are not much colder in this part of US. The average snowfall annually is around 2 inches. Spring along with fall receives suitable weather conditions. Rainfall is properly distributed all over the year. The populace of this city are sometime terrorized by thunderstorms, tornadoes as well as hurricanes. The warmest month in the city in August and January is the coolest month. If you do not like rain much then try to avoid visiting the city during the month of August as it is also the wettest month of the year. February is the driest month in Birmingham.

Best time to fly to Birmingham

Spring and fall are the best times to visit the city. So book your tickets any time from March till May and September till November. These seasons are much easy on the wallet as affordable flights and hotels can be availed. The weather is also well suited for outdoor activities such as hiking as well as golfing.

Peak season: Summer is peak season for tourists in Birmingham and is very crowded.

Off season: If you are on tight budget, then try to visit Birmingham during December till February as these are the less expensive months.

Things to do when you are in Birmingham

Birmingham has some of the great attractions, latest developments and fun filled hotspots to explore. Be it water parks, lakes or museums and theatres, this city will provide interest for all. So once you are in Birmingham never forget to try these things mentioned below:

  • Ride a bike: If you enjoy racing on two wheels, then try out mountain biking in Birmingham. It has an international level race track located in Perry Park along with mountain biking trails in Sandwell Valley as well as Cannock Chase.
  • Enjoy a cultural afternoon: The city’s industrial past is actually central to the character. The two museums present in Birmingham offer excellent sight into life during its season time. If you wish to learn about the city’s metalworking as well as jewellery heritage then book tours planned by guides in advance at Coffin Works and the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.
  • Visit Edgbaston Watersports: Do you enjoy outdoor water sports? Then you can enjoy sailing, rowing, kayaking, rafting as well as windsurfing at Edgbaston Watersports. This is a wonderful place that will give you a thrilling experience along with a wonderful view as it overlooks the city centre of Birmingham.
  • Relish at Ackers Adventure: You can try out diverse activities at Ackers Adventure which is just 3miles away from the city centre of Birmingham. It is established across 70 acres of land. It includes a 100 metre ski slope that is dry, 20metre lesson slope for snowboard, 2 walls for climbing, a 20 metre climbing high tower as well as 2 courses for archery. It is also a perfect spot for water activities like bell-boating, canoeing as well as kayaking.

So if you have decided to visit Birmingham during your coming holidays, then you must have a look at the above mentioned points. You can either decide to relax or go for an adrenaline rush by trying various outdoor activities in the city. Book a cheap flight and a reasonable hotel so that you can save the money for exploring this beautiful city.

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