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Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota in United States and is the second most populous city in Dakota after Fargo and is ranked as the seventh fastest growing small city in the United States. It was basically founded by European Americans in the year 1872 and has been the capital of Dakota since1889.

It is located across the river Mandan and the North Dakota state capitol is the tallest building in the whole state and people from over the globe come to visit this.Bismark is also a hub of retail and is popular for its healthcare which precisely makes it a place often visited by Americans.

Weather in Bismarck

Bismarck basically has humid continental type of climate with four seasons that are quite variable from each other where the climate is characterized by cold and snowy winter and hot and humid summers where the thunderstorms occur in the time of spring and summer and the rest of the day is dry.

The warmest month in Bismarck is July and the coldest month here is January and the precipitation generally occurs in the months of May to September and winter snowfall is typically light to moderate.

Best time to visit Bismarck

The best time to visit Bismarck is around the summers because the winter season is too cold and during the springs thunderstorms are very prevalent which can be life threatening which why it is better to visit the city of bismarch during the summer time.

You can also visit during the winter season depending on you and your family’s preferences so make sure that you have the right time figured out and the tickets should be booked well in advance to get good offers and discounts and so in order to avail cheap flights make sure you get the ticket at least one or two months in advance.

Things to do when in Bismarck

1. Visit the Dakota Zoo

Dakota zoo is popular for fundraising through initiatives which initiates adoption of animals which helps the zoo fund itself which makes it an incredible part of the city and it is important that you get your friends and family here to make a visit. It began as a Christiansen family in 1961 is now a habitat for more than 600 species which includes fishes, birds, reptiles etc.

Many of the animals are endangered which is why the zoo makes all the efforts that they survive and thrive in all conditions. Here you can either come to adopt an animal or just have them for watching with family.

2. Mc Dowell dam visit is a Must

Mc Dowell dam is basically a large area spread across a 271acre park which also surrounds a lake built for the sole purpose of recreation for the people who visit the dam. It is almost five miles from Bismarck and is one of the most loved and visited place by the locals.

The beaches here are sandy and are a great spot for sunbathing and swimming and which is why it is a perfect place for family and kids to have a good time. Here you can also rent picnic shelters for parties and celebrations and there is also a horshoe pit which is not often seen in many parks. So make sure when in Bismarck you visit this dam.

3. Have fun at Super slide amusement park

Bismarck’s super slide amusement park is a fun place for whole of the family and has been established in1967 and has been a center of excitement for families for more than 50 years.The park has a lot of features like slides, rides, games of all ages and there is also a super slide mini golf and batting cages for sports fans.

It is a fun place to enjoy when in town with family and friends and also is a great place to enjoy just with friends.

Bismarck is an exciting place with a lot of places with a lot of good things to offer and has an exciting culture and a good history to know which is why this place is perfect for a visit and should be visited once at least with your loved ones, so grab your tickets folks!

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