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Bristol is a suburban city in Hartford County in Connecticut. For sports fans, it is a city known as a home for ESPN, whose studios are head quartered in it.

City is also known as “The Mum City” and holds the Bristol Mum Festival every year. It has beautiful gardens and landscapes and has best hospitality by locals in the state.

When is the best time to book a flight to Bristol?

In Bristol, summers are always very warm and wet, full of rainfall and winters freezes you easily. Overall weather is always partly cloudy and it rains anytime of the day.

So the best time for having fun and love of Bristol is from mid-June to mid-September. It is summers and temperature lasts from 82°F to 62°F

Winters lasts from December to March. The temperature does lower than 19°F in January.

JUNE TO SEPTEMBER: is the best recommended month to travel Bristol city with vibrant festivals and warm temperature. Though the months are rainy and humid but it cools off the warm environment.

  • Rockwell Park Summer Festival( August)
  • Bristol Mum Festival (September)
  • Music Week (July)
  • Rockin Out at Rockwell- Summer Concert

WHAT TO PACK: Carry your rain clothes and umbrella. It is sunny so do not forget sunscreen.

DECEMBER TO MARCH: is cold and freezing and city is lit up with lights and snowmen. Christmas and New Year mostly goes in snowfall and family gatherings at parks.

  • Holiday Craft Fair (December)

WHAT TO PACK: heavy winter clothes and boots as the snow is above two inches.

OCTOBER- NOVEMBER: Rain is not ending and winters are stating. You will start to feel cold in evenings and stay warm in days.

  • Ace awards at New England Carousel Museum (November)
  • Saint Ann Craft Fair (November)

WHAT TO PACK: Carry a light jacket as weather is pleasant and umbrella for raining season. Carry a rain coat if you plan on outdoor activities.

APRIL TO MAY: it is spring and the nature is blooming. Landscapes are beautiful and fests are at peak. City is calling its tourists. It is chilly and the snowfall has just ended.

  • Walk for Wishes at Lake Compounce (May)
  • Lake Compounce Festival (May)
  • Mum Fest Craft Fair (April)
  • Annual Spring Lake Compounce (April)
  • Annual Egg Hunt (April)

WHAT TO PACK: Keep you warm and light weight clothes. It is spring time and winters have just ended. It is time for festivity so carry a good camera to capture memories.

What are main must see tourist attraction in Bristol City?

There is so much to see that if you are planning to visit the city, have few extra days at hand. Let’s start with city’ most famous stop


  • Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum is an excellent choice as it showcases movie monsters and vampires show.
  • American clock and watch museum takes you back in time and timekeepers with variety of clocks made history.
  • Imagine Nation Children's Museum has scientific games for learning, bird and safari shows, stunning kaleidoscope and water paly area and many more activities waiting for you.


  • Lake Compounce is all about fun and amusement with lots of rides making your day a wonderful one.
  • Page Park, is a picnic spot for family and friends gathering around the hills. It is great for kids.
  • Spare Time Bristol is a food and games club with a giant Pac man station, bowling, laser tag for kids and food club.


  • The Pine Lake Challenge has fun rope outdoor games to bond your relations and have fun all together.
  • Indian Rock Nature Preserve has a lake, streams and nature trails and it is a home for Indian Rock Summer Camp.
  • Rockwell Park will definitely put a smile on you as you can relax, enjoy scenery, play in a waterpark or just nestle under pine trees.


  • Firefly Hollow Brewing is an old factory converted into food and drinks joint. It has a lot of options for beer with many food trucks inside. Bon Appetite!
  • Pondering Creations Farm lets you take beauty of Bristol along with you in form of landscape gardens and gift shops

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How long is the flight to Bristol?

Bristol, Connecticut is in south east of United States:

Boston to Bristol is 120 miles and takes 43m

New York to Bristol is 100 miles and takes 21min

Denver to Bristol is 1660 miles takes 3h 12m

And, Chicago to Bristol takes 1 hour 36 min

Happy Travelling!

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