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Burbank is “Media Capital of the world” and a small city in Southern California. The city size is small but the city has top attraction for you to leave you surprised. The city leaves a mesmerized impression whenever you visit.

It is the headquarters for warner brothers and Disney and of the animation studios of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Burbank is also known the action city. Mostly all the action you see in Hollywood movies are captured in Burbank.

When is the best time to book a flight to Burbank?

Burbank has the mild weather entire year. The most popular tourist’s time is June to October in pleasant summer. June and July has the highest level of tourists, so make sure to book advance tickets.

Till June, the rainy season is at peak and after that july seems to rest with rain and lets you enjoy outdoor activities.

Main events that you should defiantly not miss are:

  • Halloween Horror Nights is an adult oriented events happening each Halloween with rides, mazes haunted houses and a night show in September
  • Downtown Burbank Arts Festival in April features over 200 artists displaying their art, shopping stalls, cafes and music.
  • Downtown Burbank Car Classic in July is a picnic spot with music and booze
  • The Burbank Beer Festival in October offers live concerts and 100s of craft beer on tap.
  • Starlight Bowl hosts events every weekend. It is a large open amphitheater in the hills for family shows and live concerts.
  • Old Tyme Country Faire is a fest for family with local rides and old time games.
  • Taste of Downtown Burbank includes 1000s of dishes and drinks open for visitors to relish

What are main must see tourist attraction in Burbank City?

There is so much to see that if you are planning to visit the city, have few extra days at hand. Let’s start with city’ most famous stop

  • Martial Arts History Museum exhibits martial art and Asian culture
  • Travel Town Museum is dedicated to trains and cars of variety. It is a must see with kids.
  • Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum displays vintage store items like Ouija Board, oddities and more.
  • Hyaena is a special art gallery of Creepy art, gruesome wall pieces and edgy paintings inspired by serial killers.
  • Warner Brothers Studio visit will take you to paradise. It has studio tours including visiting to your favorite movie sets.
  • Walt Disney Studios will take you back to where Disney started with songs and movies.
  • Flappers Comedy Club is the only laughing café with dinner and drinks to enjoy with family and celebrities.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood is an amusement park with the big movie theme. It has roller coasters, rides, shops and fun kids show and a lot more. Its main attraction is The Wizard World of Harry Potter.
  • Fly Hollywood is a parachuting service center with a unique experience that allows you to fly. Book in advance.
  • Dreamscape is a perfect place for kids and teens with magic projector that will take you to a different world virtually
  • Pickwick gardens is a very attractive place
  • Wildwood Canyon Park is best for steep hiking, biking with mountaineer views.
  • Verdugo Mountains hosts hiking and mountain biking with nature wildlife. It features coyote, deer and other wild animals.
  • Descanso Gardens are botanical forests with café and natural vegetation. He sitting area is so romantic that it will leave you in love.
  • Downtown Burbank and Melrose Avenue both are long streets filled with shopping, cafes, pubs and live entertainment with graffiti on walls.
  • Dark Delicacies is a unique store and a one only horror store in entire country. Be it any kind of horror book, you can find easily.
  • If you want to do paparazzi, have a dinner or lunch at Bob’s Big Boy where celebrity catching is common.
  • Magnolia Park is a shopping street for vintage clothing and live events on weekends.
  • Burbank’s Farmer Market is a must have experience as it hosts goods from different regions like San Francisco, San Diego etc.
  • Universal City Walk is a high spirited shops, pubs, café, night life, night lights and funs and more.

Surprises are at every corner of Burbank.Book your cheap flight tickets and hotel deals well in advance with

How long is the flight to Burbank?

Hollywood calling and here is flight plans:

Las Vegas to Burbank takes 59 Minutes

Oak Land to Burbank takes 1h 3 min

San Francisco to Burbank takes 1h 12m

And, Phoenix to Burbank takes 1 hour 21 min

Burbank will be the most happening tourist destination for your next holiday. Happy Travelling!!

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