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Cheap Flight to Chattanooga

Chattanooga city is located along the Tennessee River under the southeast Tennessee Mountains. The city has earned its name as ‘Scenic Beauty’. Not just this, city offers ample family sports, adventure times and nightlife with a touch of museums art and cultural activities.

Pick this place to have a dose of gorgeous landscapes, historic monuments, lively falls and plenty of outdoor fun activities to enjoy with your family and friends.

Let’s take a look at what Chattanooga City has in offer for you.

What are main must see tourist attraction in Chattanooga City?

There is always so much to see in Chattanooga that if you are planning to visit the city, have few extra days at hand. Let’s start with city’ most famous stop

  • RUBY FALLS, is on everyone’s bucket list. There is a lot you can plan to do other than glazing the falls. Try high point zip adventure at Ruby falls. It is a must thing to do with family
  • TENNESSEE VALLEY RAILROAD MUSEUM organizes train activities for children every now and then
  • TENNESSEE AQUARIUM is rated as the no.1 aquarium in entire country.
  • LAKE WINNIE AMUSEMENT PARK, is fun plus water park with all age rides
  • CHASE WATTERFALLS IN CHATTANOOGA is another eye warming scenic beauty.
  • ROCK CITY GARDENS is for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers
  • Visit POINT PARK, is at national military park and a famous spot to see the city

Are you having fun till now? If looking for festivals and cultural events, read below in detail.

When is the best time to book a flight to Chattanooga?

Chattanooga’s city calendar for events is full for entire year and no matter what time you go, city is full of love and fun.

SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER: it is autumn time in Chattanooga and is considered as best recommended months to travel the city. September is warmer and by the end of November it starts getting chilly. But city never stops to appreciate its nature. September usually starts with 70s and by November it is nearly 40s temperature.


  • RiverRocks Chattanooga (October)
  • Wine Over Water (October)
  • Head of Hooch (November)
  • Chattanooga Market (April to December)


Carry your tourist clothes with a pair of light jacket. Keep a pair of comfortable foot wear for visiting sceneries and adventure sports. Carry an extra pair in bag if ou plan to visit the falls.

DECEMBER - FEBRUARY: is winter time and it is bitter winter in the city. The temperature goes beyond negative. The better part is that accommodation is lower and you can enjoy your Christmas and New Year with Chattanooga people.


  • Enchanted Garden of Lights (December)
  • North Pole Limited (December)


It is chilly so we recommend you to carry your winter clothes. Carry gloves and boots for evening tourism and the days are sunny sometime, so you can carry few light clothes.

MARCH - MAY: March has the heaviest rainfall and April and May keep on shifting the temperature from high 70s to low 40s. These months have year longs festivals for tourists. Top rates fest is a day out with Thomas that recreates Thomas the tank engines and organizes rides.


  • 4 Bridges Arts Festival (April)
  • Nightfall Concert Series (May to September)
  • Day Out With Thomas (April to May)
  • Chattanooga Craft Beer Festival (May)


As March has rainfall so carry your waterproof clothes and an umbrella. Though it is sunny, but we advise you to carry a light jacket as it gets cold after rain.

JUNE - AUGUST: is simply hot and humid. It is summer time in the cityand despite sharp sun, it is the best time for music lovers.


  • Riverbend Music Festival (June)
  • Southern Brewers Festival (August)


Summers require sunscreen, pair of sunglasses and light weight clothes with loafers.

The best part of the city that will make you fall in love is that The Tennessee Valley Rail Road Museum's North Pole Limited service creates an imaginary journey to Santa's headquarters for children. Isn’t this the only way you want to spend time with family on Christmas?

So now before you are excited to book your cheap tickets with, you should know about other activities to enjoy.

How long is the flight to Chattanooga?

Chattanooga is not so far from main cities:
Chicago to Chattanooga takes 1h 39m
Washington to Chattanooga takes 1h 48min
Atlanta to Chattanooga takes 40 Minutes

Happy Travelling! Don’t forget to capture your memories.

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