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Detroit is such a wonderful destination to travel

Detroit is a cultural city ofUSA lies in Michigan. It is in the middle of Chicago and New York and on a border of Detroit River. Also, Detroit is a home turf for tigers, it is a sports town and one of the teams will definitely be playing on your visit.

However Detroit is a lively city with full power energy that you can crave. The city’s young entrepreneurs and artists have determined to turn the abandoned buildings into cafes, museums and other exciting tourism spots.

Things to do in Detroit

Detroit is packed with surprises and activities for tourists and here ample of fun things to do for you. Here is the list for crazy things you can do while you are traveling to Detroit:

  • Have a dusk & dawn view from the beautiful Belle Isle Park. It is an island that lies in the middle of Detroit River where you can spend your weekend visiting Belle Isle architecture, Lighthouse and casinos. You can hang out at Island aquarium or long stroll at 3 mile stretched island.
  • Visit the border of Canada, Windsor. It is loaded with bars and restaurants, strip clubs and best view of Detroit that you can see from Windsor’s Waterfront. To reach Windsor, use a downtown Detroit tunnel and carry a valid passport.
  • Visit outdoor art installations, DablsMbadAfrican bead Museum. It is a must see even if you do not bend on the side of arts and humanities.
  • Even if you do not have much pennies to spend on fancy things, you can still be part of music festivals across Detroit. Detroit International Jazz Festival is free. Movement and Concert of colors are paid fests. Also one of the favorites is Dally in the Ally.
  • Visit the temple of Detroit, masonic. It is truly an impressive piece of art including The Ritualistic Tower, Shrine Club and the auditorium where they cater public events.
  • Must visit eastern Market the best pizza, for the yummiest BBQ and some awesome Kung Fu.
  • This is the best of Detroit where you get to visit the most famous breweries and the best beer state in the country. Top of the list are :Atwater Brewery, Jolly Pumpkin, Founders, Motor City Brewing Works, Batch Brewing Works
  • Well the city lands on the river and we cannot leave without splashing some water. Visit Fisherman’s Marina for river sports like kayaking, paddling, fishing and river sailing etc.
  • See some amazing street art. The BELT, which is a new revitalized strip on downtown or you can start with Murals in eastern market.
  • Go green and rent a bike or hover-board for city tours. If you are not planning to go to long distance places, you can follow city’s moto of go green and avoid boring traffic.

Places you must visit for eateries in Detroit

We have collected few famous spots for sweet tooth, Yankee burgers and cocktails which you can visit while you are strolling in Detroit. The city is famous for yummy brunches that you can try at Brooklyn Street Local in Corktown or Honest John’s in Midtown. Try The Dime Store for its famous cheesesteak, Townhouse for French toast, The Sweet Potato Sensation for Chicken and Waffle and Red Dunn for Pancakes.

Well, if you are roaming around the city, you would also know that it is a home to the largest population for Arabic food and its people. Try any one of the Bucharest Grills for finger licking food. That’s not it, visit the west side of Detroit to Dearborn, which is known as Shawarma capital of the United States.

Standing on the border, Detroit is always considered to be the last destination to visit in USA< but keeping so many things to do in mind and having so many places to explore and eat, this has changed the way tourists feel about the “Motor City”.

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