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City that blends cosmopolitan luxury and eye-soaking scenery in the middle of Hawaiian culture is what Honolulu is all about. While in the city, you will be surrounded by urban culture, historic sites and high rise skylines with beautiful white sand sparkling beaches.

If you talk about food in Hawaii, other than being served with Pina Colada, you get to participate in wide variety of traditional sea food in North side of Honolulu. The city doesn’t end at white sand beaches but has a lot more to offer. It has clear blue sea water vibrant cultural activities, wild nightlife and top notch restaurants.

Must things to do in Honolulu-Oahu, Hawaii

The island has mix of activities for children, adults, parents, group of friends and honeymoon travelers.

  • If you are with your friends, must visit Manoa Falls. You can hike on the mountains and reach to the great falls or rent a bike. In total it will be 5 miles of total fun.
  • Waikiki beach and Lanikai Beach are two most family loved beaches in Honolulu. Waikiki is mostly for surfers as they hold surfing competitions. Whereas lanikai beach is for recreational activities. It has clear waters and is the most preferred peace beach in entire state.
  • Dive and snorkel into deep 1200 miles of coral reef at Hawaiian Island. People from all around comes for snorkeling, scuba diving etc. in turquoise water. It offers colorful fish, dolphins and sea turtles.
  • Diamond Head State Monument, also known as tuff cone is a unique form of crater that was created during a volcanic eruption.
  • Visit the famous Pearl Harbor Memorial at Waikiki. The history of America changed after Pearl Harbor.
  • Enjoy the 2 mile long trail stretch at Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail. The best thing about this place is that you can look at the magnificent Pacific Ocean.
  • Visit USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park sits in Pearl Harbor, is a historic vessel that carries a World War era significance.
  • Have a blissful day at adventurous Circle Island and a tranquil view of WaimeaWaterfall in middle of Honolulu-Oahu, Hawaii.

Which is the best time to visit Honolulu-Oahu

Normally, being the coastal area with sandy beaches, tourists travels all round year for sun bathing experiences. Still, April to June and September to December is considered to be the best time to visit Honolulu- Oahu. These months are shortlisted according to temperature and holidays season. The accommodation rates are also low during this season. The main cultural events, as a tourists, you should miss are:

Late December-early April

This is a peak season that attracts surfers from all around the United States offering 100s of surfing championships. But remember to pack an umbrella as the rain showers are common. Also, keep in mind that during this winter season accommodations are more expensive and harder to book.

Key Events:

  • Hawaii Bowl (December)
  • Sony Open in Hawaii (January)
  • Volcom Pipe Pro (January-February)
  • Da Hui Pipeline Warriors (February)
  • Honolulu Festival (March)
  • Prince Kuhio Day (March)

Mid-April-Early June

It is the end of surf season and the start of sunny hot summer. These months has fewer tourists plus attractions in and around Honolulu are less crowded. Moreover visitors get a glimpse of migrating humpback whales in April and May.

Key Events:

  • Lei Day Celebration (May)
  • Lantern Floating Hawaii (May)

Mid-June-August- Best Time

Once mid-June rolls around, more and more travelers head to the island to take advantage of its warm sun-kissed weather.

Key Events:

  • Kamehameha Day Celebrations (June)
  • Hawaii State Farm Fair (July)
  • Prince Lot Hula Festival (July)
  • Statehood Day (August)
  • Duke's OceanFest (August)

September-mid-December- Best time

As temperatures begin to drop, so are the accommodation and travel are. These months are normally crowd free as the most of tourist season is in summer and winter holidays. This is the most adored time to enjoy peaceful Clearwater beaches without a hustle.

Key Events:

  • Aloha Festivals (September)
  • Hawaiian Airlines Moloka'i Hoe (October)
  • Hawaii Food & Wine Festival (October-November)
  • HIC Pro Sunset Beach (October-November)
  • Hawaii International Film Festival (November)
  • HONOLULU Fashion Week (November)
  • Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (November-December)

If that is not heaven, then what is? Enjoy your family loved vacation at this beautiful Hawaiian town in Oahu, Honolulu. Relax and enjoy tranquil environment away from your fast moving life and book you flight tickets to Honolulu.

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