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Cheap Flight to Miami

Miami is a very well known destination when it comes to holidays and parties which also include the glitz and glamour of the beaches where the parties are held and the spell that it has on people.

What is special about MIAMI?

Well Miami is known for a lot of things but mainly it is known for the glamour and the persona that it has and the exceptional Biscayne Bay and the pretty Florida skies are one of the few things that get your attention!

Well Miami presents itself with the famous beaches and the popular part culture, the resorts filled with youngsters specially couples which might bring you to this city but if you dig deeper you may find that Miami is more than just beaches and parties.

When is the best time to visit Miami?

The best time to visit Miami is around the spring season when the weather is warm and the hurricanes haven’t started yet and the air is not very humid. The best months would be between February through May and during this time the crowds are also smaller and the prices are low too.

The weather is hot throughout the year but make your plans keeping in mind the hurricane season and the high price season around Christmas and New Year. Make sure you book your flights in advance to get the perfect discount and save almost 7% on the flight prices. The hotels and resorts should also be booked in advance as they charge a lot during the holiday season.

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What to do when in Miami?

1. Bayside marketplace

Bayside marketplace in miami

The very popular bayside marketplace has 150 tourist shops, restaurants and cafes for your delightful experience of shopping from the flea market for a change .It is located along the waterfront of Miami which is why many locals hang around here just to get the feel of the place where you can have a great deal of fun with the live music and entertainment going on.

Also you can easily find chain boutiques and shops which can help you gather some good stuff for friends and family back home.

2. Vicaya Museum and gardens

The Vicaya museum and gardens have a stunning architecture, artwork and grounds which makes it perfect place to visit and a get a taste of the history in this glamorous city. It has 34 rooms to its disposal which makes it outstanding and has the most exquisite European furniture and arts which are from the 15th to 19th century.

It has been designed in the most vivacious manner in a complete 28acre land and should be on your must visit list when in Miami.

3. Jungle island

Jungle Island again is one of the most popular places in Miami and is located on the Watson Island and was formerly known as the parrot jungle which was visited by Winston Churchill in 1946.It is a few minutes away from south beach and downtown Miami.

You can catch exciting shows here and have a taste of adventure in Miami. If you are visiting Miami one of the places you should visit is Jungle Island and should catch one of its shows.

4. Little Havana

Little Havana is like a paradise for people who are shoppers and have a knack for buying goods as it offers a cultural flavor along with entertainment for its visitors where you can hear Latin music playing through the market.

Calle Ocho is the heart of little Havana and the district has slowly spread into the neighboring streets and avenues.

4. Miami science museum

Whether you like or dislike science museums you can surely visit the Miami science museum which offers a truly immersive experience in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. It was established in the year 1950 and has grown significantly since then through the years.

The museum always has something new at its display so you can visit is more than one time.

Miami is becoming the most visited youth holiday destination due to its party culture and its glitz and glamour which is why it important to visit this awesome place once in a while and have the experience of the lifetime at one’s disposal!

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