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New Orleans brings you city of Jazz, art and beignets. The city is famous for its European Style Architecture, mouth savoring Creole cuisines and happy vibes.Backbone of the city is music and it is a dream travel destination for musicians and rock lovers. Be it Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll or Zydeco tunes, New Orleans has everything you want to hear.

Even if you miss everything else but make it to the world’s most famous cultural event, Mardi Gras, you bucket list wish will be completed. Be ready to party, drink alcohol till your last day of vacation and see the true spirit of the city. It is a high spirited event which happens for entire month of February.

The most famous events of New Orleans that you cannot miss

Mardi Grass in February, Satchmo Summer fest from July and Oak fests in November are glimpse of events. Here is the compiled list of all the happening memories that you can gather in New Orleans, Louisiana:

• February to May- is considered to be the best time. It has pleasant weather and one of the most famous events in the year happens to fall during this time.

a) Mardi Gras (February-March)

b) Tennessee Williams/Literary Festival (March)

c) French Quarter Festival (April)

d) New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (April-May)

e) New Orleans Wine & Food Experience (May)

• June- August is the highest tourist rated month due to summer vacation. Hotels are expensive and it is very hot and humid. If you happen to stroll during this month, do not forget to carry your sunscreen and light clothes

a) Louisiana Cajun-Zydeco Festival (June)

b) New Orleans Pride Festival (June)

c) SatchmoSummerfest (July-August)

d) COOLinary New Orleans (August)

e) Red Dress Run (August)

• September-November- is a pleasant time to visit as the humidity ends and the heat is less. But this is mostly the hurricane month so you need to check weather before you book your tickets.

a) Louisiana Seafood Festival (September)

b) Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival (October)

c) New Orleans Film Festival (October)

d) Voodoo Music + Arts Experience (October)

e) Oak Street Po-Boy Festival (November)

f) Celebration in the Oaks (November-January)

• December- January marks a sweet spot in the city with Christmas lights and New Year’s excitement. The whole city is dancing on the festive beats.

a) Sugar Bowl (January)

b) Celebration in the Oaks (November-January)

Top 5 things to do in New Orleans for the best vacation days

• Visit Frenchmen Street and French Quarter for overloaded entertainment, food, drinks and street art. It also has a Bourbon street which is a corner for alcoholics. The streets are lively and colorful. They are the best areas at the time of Mardi Gras.

• Pharmacy Museum, Backstreet Cultural Museum and Children’s Museum are three must pots to visit with family and friends. It is fun, educational and learning time but it is a promise you will not get bored. They are top rated museums in New Orleans that you cannot miss.

• Mardi Gras event and Mardi Gras World are same things but differently. So if you happen to not reach on this crazy fest, Orleans have Mardi Gras World waiting for you.

• Kayak-iti-yat and Swamp tours are both taking you in ponds on a kayak or small boats. This is one of those experience which you cannot leave it behind.

• Say hi to alligators at Barataria Preserve. It is a small part of Jan Lafitte National Historical Park and the coolest place to visit.

Must try dining options in New Orleans, Louisiana

Fried Chicken and Beignets are must try, Creole Turtle Soup, Bourbon Street and food at Frenchman Street. If you are right now sitting in New Orleans, you need forget about your diet and just dive in street food. Food in the city is rich of butter, cream and oils.

If you move to south of Orleans, you can enjoy meat, veggies and Creole Spices known as Creole jambalaya. One of the favorites is Gumbo, a stew of meat or seafood and veggies. If you travel to French Quarter, you can find famous chefs like Emeril and Leah owing and working in their overcrowded restaurants.

Commander’s Palace, August and Bayona are worth a try eating spots. If you like mixing your drinks and dining, try Warehouse District and Central Business. Well the city has some new dive bars to swirl in Snake and Jake’s.

With so much to do, pack your bags and fly soon to New Orleans in Louisiana.

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