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Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and is typically a warm place and is the anchor to the sprawling multicity metropolitan area known as the valley of the sun. It is an interesting place to visit if you are typically into travelling to places which are exotic and different from others and hold a certain kind of significance in its own way.

What is special about phoenix?

Phoenix may be known for its hot temperatures but there is more to this place than meets the eye and there is much more to this place than the tropical weather. First and foremost phoenix is known for its exquisite food and the restaurants that it has which includes some wonderful hole in the wall family restaurants, hotel eateries etc. whereas some of these places have won awards for their food.

Another cool thing about phoenix is that it has a great music culture and the music spots pride themselves on great local music which is performed every night in the clubs and pubs around. The place also has great comedy talents, offerings in the theatre and the art scene is also pretty strong in this place which makes it a pretty important destination for tourists with a knack of art and food.

When is the best time to visit phoenix?

The best time to visit the city of phoenix would be November through April when it has blue skies and since the desert climate cannot be determined easily it is important that you have full information of the place before visiting it especially with family.

Make sure you book the air tickets in advance of at least one month in advance and airlines like American airlines, Swiss airways etc provide great deals if booked at the right time.

What to do when in phoenix?

Art Walk in phoenix

1. First Fridays monthly art walk

It is a kind of walk where thousands of people gather on the first Friday of every month to see artworks in galleries, retail avenues in the city and also on the street. It is a kind of tradition that has been going on in the city for more than twenty years and is one of the best ways to know about the city’s diverse and exquisite art culture.

2. The desert botanical garden

It is a place where people come up to have a look of the desert plants and learn more about the area’s landscape in a much better way. It is a place where people can get the right kind of experience of having to see thousands of creatures in the most incredible way possible.

The flashlight tour of this place is quite popular where you can have a tour of the place with attendees holding flashlights to help you have an experience in the night time.

3. Nogales hot dogs

This is a place where you can get the most incredible hot dogs specially the Sonoran Dog which is mostly a post part snack which is available from 7pm to 12: 30 am so you can have it even after a whole day of fun and sightseeing. Eating these grilled beefy hot dogs is a must when you are in phoenix with your family and friends.

4. Tovrea castle

It is basically a four story castle that is viewable from the freeway around it which stands tall amidst the desert landscape. There were three different families which were responsible for this wonderful landmark and it has great significance for tourists and locals of the place too, so when in phoenix exploring this place is a must.

4. Valley Bar

If you are looking to spend some quality time with your friends and just want to hang out around a cool place which is great at live music and fun events then valley bar is your place.

Most of the nights the coolest of the brands play with different genres on your disposal be it punk or indie rock etc.It is a cool place to hang out after a long day of sightseeing in phoenix.

This beautiful desert city might have a harsh weather but it has a lot to offer too for tourists and visitors, so why not make your travel plans and get to this place and explore its beauty!

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