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California has more than what you can imagine and its capital city Sacramento is all set to blow your minds off with its outstanding cultural mixing. It has burgeoning theater and best nightlife scenes that will get romance out of you. It is a cosmopolitan city with The Gold Rush.

It is known as The Golden State’s Capital, because it was a hotbed for gold diggers back in the history. It is also known as the most affordable destination in entire states. This is a wonderful news if you have less saving and much more to explore.

What are top 5 most crazy things to do in Sacramento?

Again being an uncommon tourist destination, Sacramento has its own surprises stored for you. We have made 10 must to do things while you are on adventure tour to Sacramento City in California.

1. Entertainment and lifestyle is all about Midtown. They are the hippest districts in the capital city. It is a business and tourist street nearly covering street E to street R. it has trendy bars, expensive, handmade and affordable clothing retails, best of the sweet tooth cafes. If you happen to stroll around night, you will live the music and dance on your feet while moving around. It is also known as the liveliest street.

2. California State Railroad Museum is 225000 sq. ft. area of exhibitions that’s hosts unique histories and interiors of trains, how it emerged and how it has outgrown in number and technology. The place is best with kids as it holds practical experiences for kids with all ages.

3. Fairytale Town is a wonderland place where kids can act on their favorite fairytales. They will have options to choose among 25 fantastical play sets that are oversized. It is a fun day for kids and also for families.

4. Sacramento Indoor skydiving spot is the most amazing thing to do. It lets you release your stress and have one crazy day full of adventure and no life threatening activities. It is not free and can range from 70 to 200 $ depending on your package. It is once in a life time experience with nothing to be scared about.

5. The visit is not over unless you have visited a famous white clear building museum in Sacramento City in California. Crocker Art Museum has 15000 pieces of wall art and sculptures all waiting for worldwide appreciations.

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Sacramento city is in April till June to have a sunny summer vacations. September to November is again ideal for city tour. It is pleasant and with less tourists. Also, September is a time for solo traveling or for friends group travel. It is because, summer time is filled with families and kids.

We have compiled a list of main events in each month for you. This will help you plan your trip better.

April-June (Best Time) Temperature is high nearly in the 70s and 80s which makes it ideal for for great sightseeing.Weather is pleasant with little humidity or rain. This is the most popular time for outdoor festivals and outdoor concerts in the area. If you plan during this time, carry your rain clothes, and a jacket as it gets cold after raining and in evenings.

Key Events:
  • Sacramento Music Festival (May)
  • Sacramento Pride (June)
  • Juneteenth (June)
  • Farm-to-Fork Taste of Summer (June)

July-August This is when our lovely California State Fair comes in town, along with the sunny hot temperatures. The Central Valley region experiences highs nearly in 90s, so make sure you carry a water bottle along outdoor strolls drink lots of water. Also bring along sunscreen if you make a happy trip during the summer time in Sacramento city.

Key Events:
  • California State Fair (July)

September-November (Best Time) Fall brings the best temperatures and refreshing breezein and around surroundings. This is an ideal time for outdoor activities city has to offer like water sports American rivers or golf at one of the four public corners of the city.

Key Events:
  • Gold Rush Days (September)
  • California Capital Airshow (October)

December-March Sacramento doesn't experience harsh winters, with highs in the mid-50s to mid-60s, but this is when the area sees the majority of its rainfall.

Key Events:
  • California International Marathon (December)

This is all about Sacramento with the famous Gold Rush. It is more if you explore the city on foot, visit the corners, experience the joy and paint the graffiti on the walls of Sacramento City.