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Cheap Flight to San Francisco

San Francisco city in northern California, is a hilltop city surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Tourists join the adventure of San Francisco for its beautiful views, free spirited streets, edgy art, variety of cuisines and festivity.

City is home to classic architecture, colorful graffiti, diversity in culture, lights and sparkles in every corner. San Francisco is a dream for every traveler and that is why it is known as ‘The Golden City’.

When is the best time to book a flight to San Francisco?

The best time to fly in San Francisco in September, October and November. December, January and February offers chilly winds as it is winter time. Through rates in winters falls deep, but flying is good only if like chilly winds.

March, April and May offers spring time in San Francisco. Temperature is mild and hotel prices are affordable. Though it is not the right time for divers or tourists who wants to wander off underwater in Pacific Ocean, but it is best for wandering city on foot.

June July and August offers mild summers and increases level of tourism. Most of the festivals are in this period.

So if you plan to fly any time of the year, will help you find cheap flight tickets for San Francisco.

What is the best time to fly to San Francisco?

City in fall offers some of the warmest temperatures throughout the year. Spring and fall are good times to visit because of temperatures and lack of rain. Winter is often good for tourists who love chilly winds. Summers are at peak with sun, though perfect for divers.

If you plan to visit the real festivals and cultural fests of San Francisco will assist you to get cheap flight tickets.

How long is the flight to San Francisco?

San Francisco is in the middle of all the cities. If you are travelling from San Diego, it will take 1 hour 28 minutes for you to reach. If you plan from Seattle, it will be a 2 hours 6 minutes journey. From Los Angeles it will take 1 hour 22 minutes. San Francisco is considered to be the most loved destination for weekend getaways.

In case you plan to travel from New York, the flight duration will be of % hours and 25 minutes. Chicago also takes 4 hours and 6 minutes to fly to San Francisco.

These schedules are based only if the flights are on time.

What should you pack for a flight to San Francisco?

San Francisco weather is so changing that you must carry a jacket. It has incredible hills, so pack your hiking and camping tools. Carry comfortable footwear as all popular places are within walking range. Carry hats and raincoat and rain boots if you plan to travel in winters.

Carry a good camera to capture scenic beauty of Pacific Ocean and wonderful snowy hills.

What are some things to do in San Francisco?

San Francisco has so many festivals in every month that whenever you plan, can easily get a taste of it. Like, February has beer week, April sees International Film Festival, June will take you to the Music festival and north beach show, July offers chilly summer weather and Frozen Film Festival, August has arts festival on the Golden Gate park,

Don’t miss this September month as it has the biggest street fair and fringe festival with music and theatre performances and many more

Other than festivities, city is filled with great attractions. Mostly all popular attractions are within walking distance. If you are with family you can take ride in cable cars, Golden Gate bridge walk in evening, Visit the Rock on weekend and see the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf.

You can also have a day at Francisco Zoo & Gardens or a romantic dinner on Horn blower cruise. Shopping in Unique Square other than big malls is a unique experience. China town also offers miniature of China including shopping and food.

Don’t forget to plan a visit to North Beach or Baker Beach. For hiking, Muir Woods National Museum Monument is the best call.

San Francisco is considered as United States’ most attractive tourist destination. It makes it perfect for you to pack your bags and fly soon.

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