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Seattle Overview

Seattle is known as Emerald city with natural emeralds in it. City is filled with sparkles, festival spirits and colors of joy. City lets you feel the essence of beaches and mountains all together. Be it anytime of the year, Seattle has some good surprises to offers and welcome its tourists.

What is the best time to fly to Seattle?

The best time in Seattle is from June end to September mid. July and August are the busy months. Hotels are full and restaurants are crowded. May, June, September, and October usually have nice weather and fewer tourists making them great months to visit if you're not looking for hot summer weather. After October you can feel the chill in the wind. It is better only if you enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

So to understand Seattle has 2 main seasons. June to August is dry, sunny and warm but low humidity. This is basically cruise season. November to March is a season for museum lovers, indoor activities, Mountain activities like ski, snowboarding etc.

When is the best time to book a flight to Seattle?

The best time to visit Seattle is in July, august, September and October. This the only time in the whole year when you can experience sun in the skies, minimal rain and city filled with festive spirits.

April and may offers the best weather for sightseeing. July and September are best for outdoor recreational activities. Also, this month offers you to explore your tastes in wine and food. Most of the food fests are held in August.

If you are on a boat and want to see the whales, March and October will fit best in that case.

The northwest Folk life Festival takes place in the last week of May. May also opens boating season and international film festival.

How long is the flight to Seattle?

If you are coming from Los Angeles it takes 2h 14m. If you are traveling from San Francisco, it will be 1 hour 36 minutes. It will take you 4h 43m to travel from Washington. Seattle is a common place for tourists and in no time you can reach to have the best holiday of your life.

What should you pack for a flight to Seattle?

Seattle observes rains throughout the year. Hence it is important to carry out umbrella and water resistant footwear. If you are traveling for entire day, make sure to carry a light weight sweater as it can rain anytime.

Otherwise carry your shorts for summers. Do not forget to keep sunscreen. For winters wear coats, sweaters, boots and rain coats as it may get windy and umbrellas are not reliable. Carry warm socks, gloves to save yourself. If your wear glasses, I will suggest to carry the proper case and its cleaner.

What are some things to do in Seattle?

Seattle attracts tourists as there are so many fun things to do. We all have seen museums, art galleries, arts, theatre etc. But there is more.

Space Needle,is the city’s icon and the tallest building in Seattle. It offers you to see the entire city from the top of it.

Museum of pop cultureis exhibition of contemporary art. It showcases the history of video games, horror movies and Seahawks.

Street Market:Pike Place Market has live music playing performers, colorful lights and opened day and night.

Seattle Great wheel:it is the biggest wheel just like London eye. The piers are air conditioned and must visit.

Must in Summer Time:If you are visiting Seattle in summer time, send a day lounging with the bars.

Alkiis a beach town located few minutes from downtown. The entire beach is full of sand and Blue Ocean with a side line full of bars and restaurants. Plan a sunrise at Smith Tower. Travel on ferries or small cruise boats.

Must in Winter Time:Time for winter activities will take you to the slopes of Stevens Pass. Queen Ave lets you snowboard. City runs the largest comi con fest at Pacific Northwest. Visit the winter wonderland for adventure and you can also pay visit to lazer dome in science center.

There are numerous other activities to stroll. Pack your bags and book cheap flighttickets. Happy journey!