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Tampa Overview

Booking cheap flights for the big guava? The big guava is a famous festival in Tampa.The city is full of fun and exciting actions around corners. Whatsoever your plans are in your mind for Tampa, keep them in mind. It offers so many places to explore that your mind will just boggle.

What is the best time to fly Tampa?

The best time to visit Tampa is from September till December. Hotel prices are attractive as there are not many tourists. Tampa doesn’t experience heavy cold winters. May June July and August are the busiest and filed with tourists. With the beaches around it becomes muggy and humid. January to April are expensive tourist planning days as the weather is cooler.

January to April

Tampa offers cool winds and luxury walks on the beach. This is the most expensive time to visit Tampa, Florida. Per night charged reaches up to 200$ and if you want to book your flight, plan it in advance

Key events:Gasparilla Pirate Fest (January) &Tampa Pride (March)

May to August

It is recorded that Tampa experiences highest tourists in these months. Summer holidays clashes filling it with tourists and people around. Thanks to geography, it is surrounded with beaches to let some steam off.

Key events:Big Guava Music Festival (May), Sunset Music Festival (May) and WaZoo Craft Beer Fest (August)

September to December

the best time recorded to visit Tampa. Weather is just about right. Hot splashes of winds are ending and cooler days will start to begin.

Key events:Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (October) and Oktoberfest Tampa (October)

Peak season flight and hotel rates touch the sky. If you plan your visit during best time then you can easily find cheap flights to Tampa at

When is the best time to book a flight to Tampa?

The best time to book a flight and get the deals is booking it 3 to 4 months earlier. Cheapest flights for Tampa are in the month of May to July. If you are planning to getaway in summer holidays, plan your trip near March. If you are looking to plan in October or November, book your tickets by august.

If you are planning to book cheap flights to Tampa, Trivoyage can assist you with the best deals. Tampa offers exciting getaways in all its months. Tampa is the most loved city of all. It offers the sound of beaches and musical nightlife all the same time.

How long is the flight to Tampa?

Tampa, in Florida is not a hideaway city. It is easily reachable. If you are planning to book from Washington, it will take your 2h 18m and from Boston it will take 3h 15m. Other than this, New York will take 2h 52m to reach through flight.

The most popular route to Tampa is from San Francisco.

What should you pack for a flight to Tampa?

Be it any time of the year, you should consider to carry sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops for beaches, comfortable walking shoes if you plan on adventure sports, umbrella as it can rain anytime. Do not forget to carry your swimsuits and a DSLR camera.

What are some things to do in Tampa?

Tampa offers so many festivals, beer fests, dance nights, live music, and band night. City also offers historical side to its tourist.

Bush Gardens Tampa:is the world’s renowned amusement park and a must visit place if you plan a trip with family.

Tampa Museum of Art:is a state of art museum concluding educational programs, science workshops, contemporary art display, and ancient collation display.

Tampa River walk:a pedestrian walk through with colorful lights. It is bordered on city’s waterfront and variety of hotels to enjoy night spirit.

The Florida Aquarium:owns 20 thousand aqua animals. It makes it interesting for kids to see variety in a glass worn center.

Not a Clue Adventure:offers outdoor activities like camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing. It is a family friendly center which you can book it online to secure a slot.

Glazer Children’s Museum:if you do not want your child to be bored in a museum, take them to specially designed kids museum. It is filled with world’s facts and fun.

There are many more fun things to do. You will find it out once you pack your bags and fly to Tampa. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture good memories.

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