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Arizona is a southwestern state famous for its Grand Canyon which is carved by Colorado River. It is a fully covered mountain state surrounded with pine groove trees. It is a land of painted deserts opened to tourists flying from across the world. Arizona and Las Vegas shares the border hence you can many tourists traveling to and fro. Besides mountain house, it also has density of forests abandon to explore for hikers and adventure seekers.

It has many other famous tourist sites like Saguaro National Park, Sonoran Desert National Park, and Lake Pleasant National Park. Arizona offers an upscale resort culture to those who travel around and an iconic night life. Native Americans to Spanish and fun cowboys from Wild West are all the cultures Arizona Represents

Best Time & Perfect Climate to Fly to Arizona

Undoubtedly, Peak Season to visit this luxurious place is winters. Winters lasts from November to March and hotels are extremely expensive during this time. Even winters are warm in the state, especially Phoenix and Tucson areas. Areas like Grand Canyon, Sedona and Flagstaff stands at higher elevations and hence experience chilly winters as compare to other lay low areas in Arizona. Some winters have seen snowfall as well.

What to carry in winters: chilly winds and snowfall is the best to look at, especially in a desert. So do not forget to carry your winter clothes and warm boots.

In fact, if you plan your trip in spring and fall, you get to visit the famous Grand Canyon, which is closed during winters due to snow. The temperature during these months is warmer compare to chilly winters. Though the temperature is fairly mild but you will get to see these beautiful wildflowers blooming in spring. If you want something famous to click and take back as a memory, you should find the white blooms on Saguaro Cati.

What to carry in spring and fall: carry a light jacket for cold evening and light clothes for afternoon day tours. Being an adventurous spot, carry comfortable footwear and hiking stick.

Off Season in a desert is when the shining bright sun is glaring at vision. Desert mirage effect is not be missed, but summers are usually off tourists in Arizona and its cities. Still off peak summers like June and July receives tourist due to summer vacation all over states.

What to carry in summers: must carry lots of sunscreen, light weight clothes, caps and shades to protect your eyes.

Must Do Things inArizona

Arizona tops as the adventure states in the country. The state is full of lakes, caves, canyons and huge wide forests. The activities in Arizona like rafting is most popular and shall be experienced by everyone. If you are seeking thrill vacation, plan your trip in spring as to enjoy the full throttle wave of rafting at the great Grand Canyon.

So we have compiled a useful crazy list of thunder activities you must rely on while on your trip to Arizona State. Top 10 things you must do in Arizona:

1. Visit the famous Grand Canyon National Park that will include visiting Hoover dam and exploring depth of South Rim. It is time for hike and travel in groups to make it more memorable.

2. You can make stop at Glen Canyon National Recreational Area which is a deep home to Lake Powell and The Glen Canyon Dam. If you are not aware about the facts, then Lake Powel is largest artificial lake in United States.

3. Soak into the deep views while on the wait to splendid Monument Valley Tribal park. It looks like it is on a different plant. It is the place with sand dunes, rock formation and the best place for photography.

4. Cuddle away your stress at the Japanese friendship Garden which includes 1500 tons of sculptured rocks, a fantastic koi pond, and over the top Japanese Tea House for a cup of refreshing tea.

5. Visit Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium with more than 1400 animals collected from across the world. It have more than 30 endangered special all together kept at one place for you to must visit.

6. Visit the Kierland Commons at Phoenix, which is a mixture of shops, restaurants and lively palm trees. It mostly has live music or a concert in courtyard, fountains are opened for public in summers and lots of unique shops to do you’re shopping.

7. Be amazed with 3d printer and IMAX and planetarium all available for you and your family at The Arizona Science Center. Kids can use 3d printers to make anything they want and more than 350 live performing exhibitions just made out for learning.

8. Time to splash some water and have fun at The Enchanted Island Amusement park. Being a deserted state, it comes at handy and mostly over crowded tourist spot. It has fish filled lagoons, boats, arcade and water slides. Also, it is generally a picnic spot.

9. All-time favorite, The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is another great adventure for your kids up to the age of 10 years old. It has 300 interactive puzzling mind games like Desert Den, Noodle Forest etc.

10. Make a stop at the Painted Desert, which is colorful acres of mountains on acres of land that run across while you drive. It looks like a painted backdrop while travel in and out from Arizona to Vegas.

While you are in Arizona, there is a little town tourists peek about. Sedona is a mesmerizing place with ecstatic scenery. It comes on the way from Phoenix. Mostly tourists brings their bicycle for mountain biking spot. Arizona has a lot more to explore which you can only find out once you visit this rocky place.