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Well many of us wouldn’t know this but tourism is one of the strongest drivers of Colorado economy. This also concludes that Colorado hosts life time tourism experiences which one shall not miss. Colorado has emerged as a national destination for travelers across the entire world. Last year, Colorado attracted 85 million visitors plus 1 million international visitors and set a record of highest tourist hosting destination in United States.

Also, Colorado is the ideal summer destination which involves hours of hiking and fresh air, camping and deep wood, white water and sand strolling, biking and shopping, fun and events, cultural activities and festivals and a visit to the rich heritage.

Best Time to Fly to Colorado

Colorado stands as the year round multi visit tourist destination. Be it any time of the year, you can plan your visit and see the wonders that state has to offer. It also has 300 days of sparkling sunshine gazing through out your tour

It has jaw dropping snowy mountains available for snowboarding, snow hiking and ski, Rocky Mountains for hiking, zip lining, and other adventure activities for fall and spring season. It has indoor activities like theme parks and indoor sky diving and also best rafting experiences for summers.

If you plan in summers, carry light weigh dresses, shades and sunscreen. It is right time to hit the boat for rafting. For winters you can bring your ski equipment’s or rent it. And for fall and spring, carry sportswear if you are fond of rocky adventure.

Things to do while you are in Colorado

Colorado was named as the most traveled tourist destination. It offers activities, learning museums and art centers, thrilling adventures and recreational solo experiences to all the travelers. We have shortlisted high ranking tourist spots for all.

These are the various things where you can learn, connect to real heritage and educate yourself with arts and sciences:

1. Denver Museum of Nature and Science lets you experience true genius and see the whole new world. It consist of sculptures, arts, science learning exhibitions for kids and teens, architectural corners etc.

2. Visit Colorado’s newest monument known as Brown Canyon National Monument where you get a chance to fish, hike and raft in clear white waters. You also get a chance to explore Arkansas River while having a true mindful recreational day.

3. Colorado Model Railroad Museum in Greely is another fascinating display of miniature world of trains. It offers and eye-sky games where kids and adults are to find missing pieces and hidden figures for model trains and landscapes.

Let the thrill of adventure sports take a large swing in Colorado and make you vacation a true in spirits:

1. Visit The Grand Junction at Mountain Garfield, which is 1.7 million in acres. It is huge land made just for you to explore every bit of it. Mostly tourist gather for hiking tours and share experiences on the way up.

2. Visit the Garden of Gods and Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs to live the thrill and scenery at the same time. It is via Segway tour and if you are not sure what to do, you can book a professional tour while planning your vacation. It includes Zip lining, jeep tours, hiking tours etc.

3. Visit Gunnison National Park and go deep into Black Canyon. It is carved out from Gunnison River and has natural and wonderful cliffs, spires and small narrow passages for fun and adventure.

Never to miss out on these events and festivals where you get in touch with real colorful culture of Colorado:

1. Meekerpalooza Arts and Music festival includes live music, workshops for kids, art zone for all ages, a beer garden and a corn-hole tournament. It happens in Denver during June

2. Chalk Art festival on Larimer Square is a two day free fest for art lovers where they bring down colorful chalks on the entire street and create something unique. It is beautiful two days as the colors light up the entire square.

3. Live the beat and shout out for your favorite singer at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater Music Festival. They host the biggest music fests annually.

These are the must places to eat, get drunk and have a sweet tooth before you leave roads of Colorado. The citizens in the area love to thrive on chocolates, hence you will find a true Choco shop at every street:

1. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Durango will let you indulge in flavors of The Bear Chocolates, a Paw Sized Caramel Cluster and Nutsy Nuts.

2. Georgetown Valley Candy Co offers yummy Cinnamon Hard candies and Caramel Corn as their best in stock.

3. Fill in your thirst at Bustling Craft brewing and Wine and book one of the Boulder’s Brew Tours to get a taste of original crafted beers.

Time to spend time with your family or group of kids. These are the compiled list of activities which you can really enjoy with families:

  • Scream at the highest pitch at America’s only Downtown Theme Park at Elitch Gardens. It has Brain drain, Mind Eraser, Super Speedy Body, rafting and Tube Slides. There is also a Kiddie Land for toddlers.
  • Fly high at iFlY Denver, which is an indoor skydiving wind tunnel. It is for all age groups and sessions are paid but are must try. You also get a chance to click yourself a funny pic and take that back home.
  • Say hello to the alligators at the Gators Reptile Park in San Luis valley. It has snakes, alligators, tortoises, turtles, lizards and other crawlers to know about. It has been listen on Animal Planet as a unique spot for wild fun.

You should use this blog and plan you vacation according to the best season. If you want to find out about real tourist experiences, then you got to be one of them. If you are in Colorado, you are Colo-Ready to witness all the fun.