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Florida is one of the best surprises you ever get to know. It is beachy, full of theme parks and all the famous Hollywood spots are in wonderland of Florida. It is also known as sunshine state of United States as it has the best mesmerizing sandy beaches that you will fall in love instantly.

If you are new to this, you must know that Florida synonyms with Mickey Mouse and Sandy beaches. The state offer a great deal of natural sceneries, family putting spots, historical touch notes corners, status and experience to scientific nerds and light bright sunshine.

Best Time to Fly to Florida

Flying to beachy land is always good but if you keep the peak and off season in mind, you will be able to plan your vacation well before hand. Florida offers ample spots for indoor and outdoor activities that any month would suit the schedule. Still it is best to know what you are getting into before you land at Florida.

Peak Season: The best time to visit Floridians beaches is in April, May and August September, October & November.These months have recorded highest number of tourists in past a decade. It also covers 2 months of summer vacation time. It is the best time to travel with family. Also, these months have the hottest and the most humid temperature as compare to other months.

What to carry along: if you are traveling in the above mentioned months, carry your lightest clothes to cool off the heat. Sun bathing is good but not without sunscreens. Due to humidity, carry wet wipes and water bottles in your carry bags to keep yourself hydrated. Also bring along an umbrella.

Off Season: Off season for a state like this is only when you don’t get to see what’s outside. June to September has the highest rainfall period and hence it is recommended to book around other months.

List of All the Things to do in Florida

Have some refreshing beach vibes and thrill rides to make your trip worthy. We have made a list of fun family spots just for you to plan your vacation on time:

1. All-time favorite for kids and families is a place where you meet the dolphins. Meet all new sea life, ride along your fear, enjoy old trick shows and learn marine related life cycles at Sea World in Orlando.

2. Walt Disney World is where all the kids scream and fun all together at those wonderful theme parks. It has an Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Themed Resorts, Water Parks and many more things for you and your family’s entertainment.

3. One of the most famous tourist diving destination in Florida Keys is Key Largo. It is an underwater diving and snorkeling experience which one cannot miss. It has a massive bronze sculpture lying underwater, multicolored fish and coral reef surrounding it.

4. In Kings Bay, visit this crystal clear waters where you meet water mermaids and you can also snorkel live with them. they are pretty, trained, interactive seals in Crystal River Manatee

5. This jaw-dropping fun filled thrilling place is all about memories. Universal Orlando Resort has three theme parks, and six hotels with world class cuisines and a CityWalk filled with entertainment.

Fall in love with the nature and national parks and click as many photos as you can to hit your bucket list. These are those must visit places to touch your romance inside:

1. Natural North Florida, also known as untouched paradise lies on Wacissa River in Jefferson County. Paddle along your fantasies on this undiscovered land that offers, wild forests to breathe from, riverbanks to rest and calmness in the surrounding to experience.

2. Visit Everglades National Park in Florida Keys. It is also known as “River of Grass” and it includes airboat tour to visit wildlife, experience kayak and learn about unique habitat.

3. Touch the greenery of the parks at Ten Thousand Island at Marco Islands in Southwest Florida. This will lead to untouchable dolphins, turtles, birds, manatees, wading hawks and sea eagles.

4. Visit the Clam pass beach County Park and experience all new level of standup paddle board in Naples. It has trails, parks and a beach to explore.

It’s time to learn something new before you leave your steps. It is time for the geeks and the artists to gather on these places for life time experiences:

1. Welcome to Kennedy Space Center which is located in Cape Canaveral. It is a park cum museum with live exhibitions for your kids. You also get a chance to meet astronauts, see an actual aircraft and learn about science.

2. Visit Vizcaya Museums and Gardens in Miami where spectacular view of multiple gardens and museum in center of it.

3. Wonderworks in Orlando has 300 exceptional learning exhibitions which focuses on Math, Physics and Space. It has comedy shows and laser tag fun acts. The building is upside down which makes it crazy when you enter.

4. Visit the world’s largest pirate museum in Florida. St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum showcases lives of pirates in a fascinating way.

You cannot leave this beautiful, fun filled state without drinking and eating at the favorite tourist spots of all the time:

1. Florida’s all time favorite and a key to dessert is Key Lime Pie which is heaven when you have a bite.

2. Tampa is Florida’s craft beer capital. It has open busses filled with tap beers. Try each craft beer that is formed in each city while you on traveling. If you don’t drink beer, try Kumquat at Annual Kumquat Festival in Dade City.

3. Try Stone Crab Claws, Rock Shrimp, and Boiled Peanuts while you are in Florida. The state has the sea food in Town.

Are you already in love with Florida? Well so am I. So let’s plan a thrill led, fun word family time vacation to spend time away from busy boring office schedules in sun kissed beaches.