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Georgia is one of the best adventure surprises you receive in your holiday season. Whitewater rafting, mountain hiking, Georgia Grown Trails, mountain hiking, homegrown music festivals, art shows, special breweries and wine yards is what defines Georgia. It also has bets boutiques, unique local shops and historical sites to keep the Georgian roots on priority.

If you are not aware, Georgia is known as Peach State and peach is the official fruit of the State. The city has a mixed heritage which is an advantage to those who are traveling for the first time. It is culturally rich and a hospitable state with high spirited locals.

Best Time to Fly to Georgia

Best time to fly Georgia is in May & June or September & October. Lowlands in Tbilisi is an escape from scorching heat in summer. Georgia like to surprise so it is mandatory to carry waterproof clothes as it can shower rain anytime. Change in weather in the state is instant.

Peak Season: Best time to fly Georgia is in May & June or September & October. May and June are best for summer vacation where the temperature is mild. You get to escape all the humidity and heat around you. September & October act as the best replacement for winter vacation. It is not chilly and autumn is Georgia’s sparkling time. It is a harvest time an best time to visit vineyards

July and August are peak tourist season due to summer holidays in school and colleges. Accommodation during these months is at higher rates and tourist spots are filled with chattering. If you plan in these months, you need to book tickets and hotel months before planning.

If you want to experience early onset of snow, September is the month. You can see snow pits on the mountain peaks. If you enter in October, Georgia will offer the best pleasantness as it’s neither too cold nor too hot.

Off Season: November to April is the low season, with chilly temperatures. This is also the winter sport season in Georgia and Ski lodges, snow resorts are overly booked. Just for the entertainment, tourist’s events near Christmas and new years have the best experience.

List of All the Things to do in Georgia

The must visit events and festivals to light up your vacation are in Georgia. Mountain festivals, winter events and summer fests are what Georgia offers in return:

1. Eastern Orthodox Easter happens for 1.5 month during Easter. This is the most traditional way to celebrate Easter in United States. Churches light up and ceremonies involves locals are foreigners all together at one place.

2. Tushetoba is a mountain festival in August in Tusheti region. It involves folk music, dancing, sports like archery and horse racing. It is best way to get mingle with locals.

3. Pirate Fest at Tybee Island is a must visit fest in October. The entire city dress ups in costumes representing thieves and Pirates.

4. Batumoba is another fest happens in first week of September in Batumi and neighboring parts. It includes many interesting events, colorful city decorations with fruits and umbrellas.

Fall in love with the natural mountains and national recreational centers and click as many photos as you can before you leave. These are those must visit places to touch your romantic side:

1. Atlanta Botanical Gardens is in the heard of city with beautiful garden sculptures and handmade waterfalls. It has number of gardens including Japanese garden. It has a special area for kids to play climb and run, it has romantic areas for strolls and a very nice place to click photos.

2. Rock City Gardens has a walking and hiking trails with the best scenic view in Georgia. To the get the best out of rock city, plan your trip in early morning. It has ancient rock formations

3. Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountains on North of Columbus with mesmerize your entire vacation time. It is a must visit garden with artificial lakes, a butterfly house and watersports in the end.

Top 10 things to do with kids while you are enjoying view of sky and mountains. The state is an affordable flying destination with lots of things that you can do for free:

1. Georgia Aquarium is the largest one in Atlanta, Western Hemisphere and the second largest in the world. It is this place where you can see white sharks, whale sharks, beluga whales, dolphins and over 1,20,000 animals and their shows.

2. Museum of Coca Cola is another shining place to visit with family and kids. It is located in Atlanta. It showcases the history of The Coca-Cola Company. It is a 20-acre complex opened to the public with different exhibitions.

3. Raft your paddles in the white water on Ocoee River in North Georgia and south Tennessee. It offers the best view of Appalachian Mountains as the rivers flows through it. You can do rafting summers as in winters it usually freezes

You cannot leave this beautiful, fun filled state without drinking and eating at the favorite tourist spots of all the time:

1. Georgia’ Barbecue is most famous. You can have a taste of BBq chicken at any corner of Georgia. Try Fish N Pig at Macon an Butts BBq at Eatonton in Atlanta

2. Breweries are a booming industry in Georgia. SweetWater Brewing Company for tap beers, JeyllBrweing Company for craft beers like Ho Dang or Southern Juice and Reformation Brewery is a good hang out place for games

3. Must try local’s special food menu like Braised Lamb Shank at Aria, Pappardelle Duck, Blueberry Cobbler with Molasses Ice Cream, Quail Madeira at Savannah and Fried Chicken at Rodewell.

Are you already excited about Georgia? We all are excited to visit this state of peaches and grab one of the best vacations for our family. Also, Georgia is the best place to Kayak and bath in beautiful natural waterfalls.