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Hawaii is the most popular vacation spot in entire world. I have seen people going crazy in Hawaii. But it is just not the sandy beaches, Coral reefs or volcanos or late night shore parties, Hawaii also has great cultural roots, historical spots and rich heritage. Moreover, it is another name for adventurous paradise.

Hawaii Supports modern multi culture values and that makes all Asians, Europeans, Polynesians and Africans stand on the same land and to support that, it is also one the most peaceful destination. Arts and cultural fests, remarkable community traditions and mix and mingle immigrant culture is what Hawaii is all about

The entire state is bordered on Pacific Ocean which makes your vacation a living wonderland. Pacific Ocean is a beautiful clear water spread which makes Hawaii a perfect place to fly.

Best Time to Fly to Hawaii

Hawaii is a year round destination to fly. The entire state is a living paradise. The beaches takes all the highlight of the state. It also has the best islands in entire country.

Peak Season: April, May, September and October are the best months to travel. Due to coastal area, in peak summer, Hawaii is over heated and humid and also has rainfall. Hence April and may for warmer temperatures and September and October for milder temperatures is the best time to plan around.

June and July are obviously the highest recorded peak months. It is generally for tourists traveling with families. Due to summer holidays in schools and colleges, beaches and resorts are fully booked. So to travel in these months, you should plan your trip at least 4 months beforehand.

Off Season: winter season is generally under off season due to heavy rains. This mostly spoils your of surfing. November to March are considered to be off season. But Hawaii is open to tourists for entire year hence the booking are to be made months before.

November is also known as Hurricane month. Though there were no hurricanes recorded in the last two years, still keep your weather planner out for emergencies.

List of Top 10 Things to do in Hawaii

The real paradise is what Hawaii is and there are ample of things to do from the moment you land. We have compiled list of things you should try before you fly out just to make your planning schedule simple:

  • Visit the most iconic Waikiki Beach and the Diamond Head State Monument in Waikiki, a suburb of Honolulu. It is famous for luxury resorts, fine dining, entertainment, branded shopping and old historical trail. It also has a boardwalk where most of the concerts takes place.
  • Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is a beach for snorkelers in Oahu. It is formed within the crater of an old volcano that was erupted years ago. The bay is protected for its reef and coral and hence the timings are short to wander around.
  • All-time favorite and a must on bucket list is Kilauea, a volcanic national park. It is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It offers a close look of active volcanos which also makes it a great place for photography.
  • Waimea Canyon State Park is located at Kauai and it is a Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It has splendid view of Pacific Ocean, waterfalls, hiking trails and unexplored forests at your surprise. It also has rock strata in various colors lying like a bed sheet.
  • Drive on the jaw dropping, 52 miles highway, known as The Hana Road. It lies on the island of Maui that will take you through the lushly green forests on one side and deep blue wave Pacific Ocean on the other side.
  • If you are not up to visit underwater, then you must see The Maui Ocean Center which practically lies in the ocean with glass walls. It gives you an underwater tunnel to show what’s beneath the ocean.
  • Beach hopping in Hawaii is what most of the travelers do. It is because Hawaii has more beaches than any other state in the country. All the beaches offer something special of a kind which you can plan beforehand. Some are calm and some are best for surfing, some are snorkeling beaches and others are just for catching the sun and bath.
  • If you are with your family and kids, you must plan a day at Sea Life Park or book a tour on Whale Watching in Lanai. Kids love Big Island Chocolates Fest that offers sweet treats to kids.
  • Pearl Harbor is one of the most historical visited place in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is where the most iconic war started and the spot has a huge ship that showcases the reality and its impact.
  • Get crazy and roar high on the longest zip lining in United States. Outfitters in Kauai has a 400 foot long zip line for those who thrive on adventure.

You cannot leave this beautiful, fun filled state without drinking and eating at the favorite tourist spots of all the time:

  • Must try Hawaii places are Ululani’s ice cream, Duke’s Waikiki Hula Pie, Romy’s Garlic Shrimp, Loco Moco of Café 100 and pancakes at Moke’s Bread. If you like street style, try Side Street Inn.
  • Must try original Hawaiian punch and Pina Colada as two most famous local drinks of the entire state. Hawaiian staple food is Poi, laulau, Kaula Pig, Chicken Long Rice and Poke. Traditional fruit is pineapple and there are more than 50 varities of pineapple you can find.
  • Hawaii is a drink parade where you can find more than 100 delicious drinks which you cannot find anywhere else. Try Mai Tai made of rum, Blue Hawaii is crème and coconut, lava flow, chi chi are top drinks you must try before you leave Hawaii.

Hawaii can leave you jaw dropping and it is true that the real experience of true Hawaii is only when you pack your bags and travel to the Paradise.