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Utah is a land of natural beauty with landscapes of sceneries in south. It has red rocks, deserts, large mountains and huge canyons in the north. The beauty of Utah will definitely leave you breathless especially when you will stand on the peak of snow filled mountains or when you will meet wild animals in forests.

Best Time to Fly to Utah

Utah has four major seasons and the division of weather is divided inconsistently among different cities of state. There is no wrong time to visit this beautiful paradise. Hence the best time of traveling to Utah depends on what are you expecting to get in return.

If you are heading south of Utah, summer is not a best option to go for. Due to south side, weather in Utah is really hot and humid. Though the peak tourist season is summer due to summer vacation in school and colleges but if you like sunny environment, summer season will be good for you. For summers, carry rain coats and umbrellas as it might rain too. Do not miss to be part of summer festivals during your summer visit in Utah.

If you are planning in winters, plan to northern Utah for skiing adventure and snow sports experiences. Christmas and New Year time is best for winters and you will also find quite a crowd in the northern cities.

In spring, it is the best time to explore national parks. Utah has 5 best and huge national parks to explore. It is also recommended to buy passes of national parks while booking tickets. Wildflowers in forests are blooming and green leaves around canyons are at its best beauty.

Fall is a calm time in the state. It offers the most pleasant weather. It is the best time for long drives on forest roads, camping at night and hiking and biking on trails. Fall is the most recommended time to enjoy outdoor activities.

Top Things to do in Utah

If you have hiking on forest trails, biking in the city of landscapes, skiing on the snowy mountains, boating in deep blue lakes in the middle of canyon and standing in the middle of wildlife creatures is what you have planned for your vacation, then Utah is the right Place for you to start your vacation.

To keep it simpler, we have divided the tourist attractive spots around Utah in different sections which will help you make a better vacation plan.

Utah has 5 main national parks and 45 state parks. In Utah the biggest tourist attraction is forest parks that drives torus of camping, beauty admiration and adventure.

  • 1. Arches National Park has a famous horseshoe with delicate arches. The arches around the entire Park are red and beautiful it stands near to Moab Town. It offers breathtaking photography opportunities with spectacular views of desert and sand dunes. It is also a great place for kids.
  • 2. It is time for you to take your kids for camping and stargazing in Utah. Utah has two major national parks allowing you to experience real world dark skies. This is the most exciting time in Northern side of the state. There are multiple dark skies park in Utah: Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, National Bridges National Monument and Rainbow Bridge National Monument.
  • 3. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is small but a unique place to fun and dune along the desert. The park is one of the famous places to run ATVs and Camping. Morning and evening ATV is not allowed to avoid damages as people are camping, exploring and moving around desert. If you look from far off, it will look like range bed sheets laying on earth.
  • 4. Zion National Park is a drive from Las Vegas, hence during party times, this is the most crowded place. If offers a scenic drive with trailheads, waterfalls, rock mountain cliffs and many more. It is also known as a vertical park and a paradise for hikers.

Other than these national parks, the list of fun activities to enjoy with family and kids are:

  • 1. Take your kids to find out dinosaurs and discover fossils at famous dinosaur’s museums around Utah. Touch the real fossils at Dinosaur National Monument or play in the foot prints of dino feet at Potash Dinosaur Tracks
  • 2. The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium shows the entire ecosystem in live forms from around the world. It is the best place to visit sharks, jelly fish, sea horses, snakes, caimans, piranhas and penguins.
  • 3. Discover Getaway in the Salt Lake City is #1 choice of kids on vacation. It is a children’s museum where they discover power of play. It has engaging workshops, programs where you practically learn things and invite your family to play.
  • 4. Visit the latest 3d technology in Clark Planetarium with IMAX Theater. It offers programs with free astronomy exhibitions, solar systems and NASA equipment’s with experiments and interactive elements.

Or you can plan other adventure things to do in summer as well as winter.

  • 1. Winter is here and so is the ski time. Park City Mountain Resort is the Second Largest Ski place in United States and largest in Utah. It covers 7300 acre of mountain rage covered in snow for ski lovers from around the world.
  • 2. Twist and turn in rafting experience in Utah. The state has some of the major rivers only meant for rafting, but don’t jump in without a guide. Weber River starts at Salt Lake City and Green River through Dinosaur Monument has extensive landscapes to enjoy while having fun in rafting the thick waves. Colorado River and San Rafael River also offerer same experiences.
  • 3. Spend a time on fun activities at Powell Lake. It is a destination for water sports in all seasons except rainy ones. It has hanging gardens, splashing activities for summers and golden cliffs. It also has hiking trails and camping grounds to complete adventure.

Happy Traveling to Utah!!